How do moving companies safely move furniture in the rain?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you plan for a moving day, with everything that is involved in it (here’s a moving day checklist!), just to find out it’s going to be raining that day? It’s not like you can move the date when you’ve already made the arrangements with the schools, the office, your utility companies, and your moving crew.

The fact is that sometimes rainy days happen and the show must go on. That is why it’s important to be prepared ahead of time that in the event of rain, moving companies know how to safely move your furniture regardless. Take a look at what you can count on from the moving company when it comes to inclement weather.

Wet moving boxes

Pack extra well

The good news is that you can move on a rainy moving day but you will have to be prepared for some additional steps in the process. You’ll need to not only ensure that all items are sealed in their containers, but you’ll have to be carefully prep both the home you are leaving and the home you are moving into in order to avoid accidents. The first step is to make sure everything is packed extra well.

For wood furniture, you can use heavy furniture blankets to protect it from getting wet. If you have large artwork, you’ll want to wrap it in plenty of plastic wrapping to avoid moisture getting to it. If you have bulky items that aren’t going into a container, make sure you cover them in a large trash bag to avoid rain getting to them.

Your local moving company should have everything from plastic covers to mattress pads for you to rent for the process. Everything going into cardboard boxes should be sealed well with packing tape and checked for any possible openings where rain could get access. You may want to avoid having anything outside of containers in order to avoid any possibility of the items getting rained on.

Prepping the moving space

The home you are moving out of was probably going to need some protection to avoid any issues on moving day, such as coverings on the edges where the walls meet in order to avoid damage or a room where the pets can stay in order to stay out of the way of the movers. When it comes to a rainy moving day, you’ll have to also consider how to avoid slip and falls, as well as tracking in mud and water.

The first step would be to line your entryway and porch with towels to help with tracking in water or mud since everyone would step on that before entering the house. Next, make sure everyone is in all-weather shoes or boots to avoid slips while carrying boxes. Lastly, have the movers show you that the moving truck has no leaks so that if small leaks are causing water dripping through, you can duct tape them to ensure your belongings will not be affected.

Your new home will need some attention to. Make sure to lay down rugs or towels in front of the front door to avoid tracking in anything that might cause a slip. Your utilities should be set up in advance which means that you’ll be able to warm up or cool off the space during the moving process.

They’ll work in an assembly line

Lastly, your moving team will likely work in an assembly line on a rainy day to help things get done a bit faster during this rainy day, as well as to help protect your floors. One person will stand on the inside and another will stay on the outside, avoiding any shoes tracking in through the house. This can also work well for moving into the new house so that moisture and mud can stay outside the home. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

How to Start Planning Your Summer Move Now

Summer time is the most common time of year to move to a new home and you’ll find that everyone else is doing the same thing. The only downside to this time of year is you’re going to be dealing with that summer heat while you’re carrying heavy boxes and trying to navigate to the new place.

On the flip side, the crummy winter weather is behind us and the April showers have brought those May flowers. Fall is a busy time of year to try to move with school in session, sports, and the holidays approaching, so summertime is a great time to stop what you’re doing and get into your dream home. Take a look at these tips that will make your summer move a great one.

Plan ahead

The best way to have a great move any time of year is to plan ahead. When it comes to your summer move, you’ll want to make sure you start planning the winter before so that you can start implementing the tasks in the spring up until the move.

Three months in advance you’ll want to choose your moving date, look ahead at the weather for that date, get your moving quotes, and start de-cluttering your space. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve found your new home.

A month before the move, you’re going to want to order your moving supplies, donated or sold items you are going to purge before the move, start packing and requested time off work for the move. You’ll also want to use this time to start switching over utilities and updating your payment records and addresses on everything from credit cards to services you use.

Two weeks out is when you’ll hire a cleaning crew or clan yourself. You’ll need to update your insurance to make sure you are covered during a move and you’ll want to make sure the new place will allow truck parking for the day.

The week before is the time to empty the fridge, clean the oven, pack your bags, snap photos of your stuff, and double check the weather. That way the day before you are just confirming arrival times, grabbing cash from the ATM for anything you need, preparing for the heat with sunscreen and bottled water, and packing for your pets.

Stay cool

It’s going to be really important to stay cool on moving day. Consider children and pets’ heat safety as well. Stock up on cold water and ice for everyone to stay hydrated. Also, be sure to have a personal mist fan available and cooling towels to keep your body temperature lower.

While many fear moving in the winter for too cold of temperatures, moving during hot temps can be just as dangerous. Be sure to wear breathable closing, keep air-conditioning ready and available, wear protective footwear, and have sunglasses and a hat ready to go for that bright sun.

Hire a great crew

Of course, hiring a great moving crew is going to make the move all that better. A reputable Chicago moving company will be able to keep you and your household goods safe during a hot summer move and will help you to avoid any heat-related disasters. Make sure to book well in advance because this is a popular time of year to move and the moving companies are more popular than ever.

Be careful of extreme temps

Speaking of extreme temperatures be careful with your belongings in these temperatures. While it may not seem that bad when you first step outside, you’ll quickly find that that sun beating down on you is not ideal. That means that you have to take some extra precautions to protect your things from the heat.

hot summer weather with a thermostat

If anything needs climate control, be sure to pack that last to allow it to stay in the air conditioning longer and consider it going in your vehicle to ensure it has room to breathe and stay cool, such as your plants or valuables.  Heat-sensitive items should be packed carefully, such as electronics that could be damaged from extreme temperatures. Consider purging some things and holding a yard sale to sell some of the things you won’t need in the new house in order to have less stuff to move on moving day.

Watch your budget

Finally, watch your budget during your upcoming move. It may be tempting to go out for a cold drink after your move or eat out at restaurants all week during your move, but you will incur a lot of expenses doing so.

Summer is already such a popular time to move that you may have spent more on the home than you planned and now you’ll be spending on things like outdoor patio chairs and swimming supplies for your new home. Be careful about working out a great deal with your moving crew, choosing reusable moving supplies, and try to keep your routine as much as possible to decrease extra costs during the move.

It’s time to start planning for your summer move now. Use these tips to stay cool, be prepared, and start getting to work just a few months ahead of the move! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

How to Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move

One of the concerns you may have with your upcoming residential move is how you are going to move all of your things, your family, your pets, and your plants safely and efficiently while also keeping your kids content during the process. It’s such a stressful time but kids will always be kids and they will not be able to flip a switch on moving day to stay out of the way and take care of themselves.

That means you need to prepare for keeping the kids busy during the move so that you can get the job done. This is why it’s more important than ever to hire a great moving company to help you along the way. In addition, you can use these tricks to keep the kids busy during the big move.

Pack when they are not home

Before you move, you’ll want to make sure you work on the packing when they are not home. That might mean the kids are with the grandparents or at a class or activity that you’ve enrolled them which will give you the perfect time to get some packing done. Peace and quiet in the home will allow you to think and get the work done without distractions.

Give them a small job

You can bring the kids into some of the activity to make them feel more a part of things. Give them a small job to do, such as a pile of things to sort through before packing and labeling. Make sure it’s something that won’t break easily that they love, such as some stuffed animals or blocks.

Your children will be able to feel a part of the moving process and take pride in having helped mom and dad with the packing of their things. While they pack some easier items, you’ll have a moment to focus on delicate items.

Bring in some help on moving day

One of the best plans of attack for moving day is to have someone come to the home and watch the kids for you. This could be a friend, neighbor, or babysitter. Have someone to keep the kids busy during the move that will allow your children to have some fun, stay out of the way, and avoid feeling emotional about everything being moved out of their home. This is an important time to keep the kids happy and help burn off some energy so that the commute to the new home will allow for some quiet rest time.

Have some entertainment ready

If kids are wired and ready to play, make sure you have some entertainment to keep them busy. While it’s great to have something to do and play with, sometimes a movie or video game works as a great distraction on this day. Keep the devices nearby and some entertainment at your fingertips.

moving with kids and keeping them entertained

Activities that the kids can do

You can also plan ahead for some fun activities for the kids. Whether you’ve packed a special bag for moving day with crayons or playing cards, have some activities ready to go to pass the time. Keeping your kids special stuff with them will help with the transition too, such as a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy.


Lastly, don’t forget the benefit of incorporating some exercise that day. If your friend or nanny is available, have them take the kids outside to get some exercise. Taking a walk, doing sidewalk chalk, doing cartwheels, playing kickball, or going to the local park to hit the monkey bars are all great ways to release some tension for the kids and burn some energy. The long commute in the car or on a plane won’t be so bad after a morning in the sun.

Make sure to keep kids busy during the moving process so that you can work with your moving company to get everything moved properly. Use these tips to make moving day just as fun as a normal day for your children. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

5 Tips for Moving with a Dog

Moving homes with a dog can be stressful when you’re already considering how to function as a family during the move and get all of your stuff there safely. When it comes to pets and even plants that you take care of daily, you have to take some additional steps to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

Fortunately, dogs are resilient and will go with the flow as long as you take care of their basic needs during the move. Use these 5 tips for moving with your dog and then when you arrive, you’ll get to enjoy a brand new backyard and neighborhood park for your furry little one to enjoy!


The first tip is to make sure Fido is getting plenty of exercise. When your dog has pent-up energy, he or she is just going to get angrier about the move. It’s important to make sure your dog is able to burn off some energy so that he or she can relax a bit during the move.

The more energy in their system, the more anxious and misbehaving you’ll likely notice. Make sure the week before the move incorporates more exercise and the day of the move allows you to find pockets of time for a brisk walk and sometime moving around. If you have a backyard, allow your dog plenty of time to move around, but a walk to the park will really make a difference. Take turns as a family to do dog walks during the week of the move.

Keep them happy

You’ll also want to keep your dog happy during this time with some entertainment. Try some doggy brain games, such as playing hide-and-seek with treats and favorite toys, or buying a toy where the treat is in the middle and it takes a while to get it loose.

moving with a dog

Bake some new treats that you can put in a baggy and serve occasionally as something special during moving week. Find ways to keep your dog entertained and busy while you’re taking care of the move.

Relocate them during the move

An easy way to handle the situation is to simply take your dog somewhere else while you’re moving. You might have a friend or neighbor that can keep your dog for the day so that you can get through the process, but there are always options like a kennel or doggy daycare that he or she can go for a few hours.

Your dog is likely going to get anxious from all of the boxes moving and want to stand by your feet all day making it a hazard as you’re dealing with heavy objects. Talk to friends or family about dropping off your dog for the day or send your dog off for the morning at a care facility.

Anxiety aids

Since this is a stressful time, you may find that your dog isn’t handling the emotions well. It’s a more stressful situation than normal, like a thunderstorm or fireworks on the 4th of July, which justifies a little extra help right now.

This is a great time to get some anxiety aids to help through the time being that will help with the stress. Talk to your vet about options or try some retail options like calming collars and Thundershirt. There are even treats available at your local pet store that are made for anxious dogs.

Routine and quiet

Lastly, try to make the week before your move a calm one in which you stick to a routine. Your dog might be noticing changes and feeling the tension. Now is the time to stick to a routine, practice patience, and give your dog plenty of peacefulness and compassion.

If there is much activity going on throughout the week, find a quiet place that your dog can go to relax with familiar blankets and toys so that you can feel free to pack, run errands, or move boxes without stressing out Fluffy.

Use these 5 pro tips to make sure your dog is happy during your upcoming move. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

What to Move First When Moving

With so much to pack in your home, where do you even begin? There’s actually a good answer to this question because there is a part of the home that is the perfect place to start packing and moving first. It’s definitely not the kitchen or the bedrooms, but it may be items found stored in these areas of the home. The answer is also not to just start somewhere.

A couple discussing what to move first during the moving process

There is a way to pack the home that is going to make the most sense for the least disruption to your regular routine and the most efficient for moving everything from one home to another. Take a look at where to begin your residential move first and how it will make the process smoother.

Before Packing

The first thing to do before even packing or moving anything is to get a moving checklist, take an inventory, purge some things, and hire your moving crew. Your moving checklist will tell you how to get all of your tasks done and in what order, such as when to change your utilities over and what to pack first and last.

When you take inventory of what you do have, it will easily spell out for you what you need to be packing first, which will be the things you rarely use that you do want to keep.  That is because there will be some items you rarely use, and even some you use often, that you’ll decide you’d rather part with going into the new home.

Purging your belongings after taking your inventory will help you to see how much stuff you really have and help you downsize some of your things before moving them into another home. Less stuff will give you less to move and allow you to even make some money selling them in a yard sale. Lastly, hire your moving company now that you have an inventory of what’s going and they can help you get an estimate of what your move will cost and require.

Begin packing these things first

Now it’s time to start the moving process by packing things that have the lowest impact on daily life first. This will include stored items, books, extra linens, artwork, china, knick-knacks, and out-of-season clothing. If you have items in storage, such as your Christmas decoration in the garage, these types of things will be packed first.

Then your clothes that are out-of-season right now are perfect to pack and you could even use some to wrap up your delicate knick-knacks. Your china, artwork, picture frames, and souvenirs should go next. Then you can start packing extra linens or towels and just live with less for now, and apply the same to your book collection since you are likely only reading one or two books at the moment.

On moving day, it will be easy to see what items should go first because it will be these boxes you’ve worked on first. Your Christmas decorations, wall hangings, and extra linens and clothes are the perfect place to start because you aren’t using them for several months so they are already sitting in a spot unused at the moment.

The things that need to be packed last are those kitchen supplies, everyday clothes, bathroom accessories, and your home office. These things being packed up first will make it too hard to keep living in your home, while your china and souvenirs will be fine being packed away for moving day.

Make sure to prepare for your move by packing and moving these things first so that you can pack the things you need right now last. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews