How to Communicate Best With Your Movers During the Process

Communication is the key to just about every relationship, even the short-lived ones. You won't have a long-lasting relationship with your movers, but the time they are helping you, it's essential to communicate well with them.

Movers need your guidance to help get your things from one location to another. They need to know what you're moving, how it should be packed, and where you want it when they arrive at your new home. Here are a few tips to help you better communicate with your movers during the process.

Treat them as Guests in Your Home

When movers arrive, make sure you treat them as your guests, even though they are doing a job for you. Politely greet them and introduce them to your entire family. It's also a good idea to learn and remember their names.

Just as you would for a guest in your home, offer a beverage, such as water or coffee. It's also a good idea to keep the bathroom clean and stocked with necessities for everybody involved.

Clearly State What You Want Moved, Packed, and Unpacked

While this will be important on moving day, it's also important when you get a quote for the move. Make sure you clearly state everything you want to be moved, packed, and unpacked. This will ensure you get an accurate quote without any surprised. It will also make it easy for your movers to know what needs to be done when they arrive.

If there will be items you may add later, make sure you discuss these items with your representative. It's also important to talk to your movers about any access issues, such as climbing stairs or using an elevator.

Come to an Agreement for Item Preparation

When you're getting a quote for moving, make sure you discuss how items, such as appliances, furniture, antiques, and other items need to be prepared. You should have a clear understanding of what's expected of you and what your movers will take care of on the day of your move.

Show Movers What Needs to be Done

The moving company should have already briefed your moving crew on the job and what's required. However, it's a good idea to show your movers what will need to be done so that they don't have any questions. Keep the lines of communication open throughout the process so they can get everything packed and moved, as necessary.

You want to remain approachable to help eliminate any errors or delays. Don't be afraid to tell the movers what you expect or inform them of an item you want to be handled carefully.

Provide Feedback

The final part of communicating with your movers is to provide feedback. Whether you had a great experience or a poor experience, the company you hired needs to know. If possible, provide praise for the individuals that made your experience great and make sure to be honest with your feedback.

Moving day doesn't have to be stressful. When you hire residential movers, and you communicate well with them, you can expect the day to go smoothly instead of becoming a day filled with stress.

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