Storage Unit Services

When you're not ready to let furniture or other items go, but you're not sure where to put them, a storage unit may be the best answer. The Professional Moving Specialists are proud to offer full-service storage options to fit all your needs. We offer a variety of sizes, high security locks and cameras, along with climate controlled options in our 45,000 sq' facility. We can accommodate anything from a few furniture items to 3+ bedroom homes. We have a location at 3665 W Lunt Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60712.

Why do You Need Storage Units?

There are several good reasons to rent and use a storage unit in Chicago. Maybe you're between apartments or you're renting a smaller place while waiting on a new home to be built. If you need a place to keep your things, a full service storage unit might be the right answer.

Other common reasons to use a storage unit include:

  • Moving

  • Selling Your Home

  • Need for Extra Storage Space

  • Store business equipment

  • During times of frequent travel

There are several other reasons to rent a storage unit and The Professionals Moving Specialists can help; no matter your reason.

+ Full Service Storage

Maybe the reason you haven't moved things to storage yet is the work involved. With our full service storage option, you don't have to do anything. No need to rent a truck, load it up, drive it across town, unload it and return it. WE take care of everything for you.

When you choose our full-service storage options, we will pick the items up for you and even re-deliver them when you're ready. This works great if you need to move things while selling your home or just don't want to do the work involved to get everything into storage.

At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we can handle any size job when it comes to full-service storage. Whether you have one piece, one room or an entire home, our team of professionals will take care of everything. We will move all your furniture and belongings from their current location and make sure they are properly placed into your new storage unit.

With our full-service storage option, you get:

  • All furniture moved with professional pad-wrapping and stored to your specific instructions
  • Our professional team of highly skilled and trained movers to pick up and re-deliver your items
  • Safe transportation
  • Short-term or long-term storage solutions to fit your specific needs

We take care of everything for you making your life easier.

+ Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is very important, especially if you want to fully protect your items. In Chicago, the weather changes often and it can be hot one season and very cold another. You don't want items warping or getting damaged just because you didn't choose climate controlled storage.

Just about every type of furniture needs to be stored in a climate controlled environment. If not, wooden furniture can warp, crack or rot, while leather furniture may become discolored. Your household appliances may not work if stored in extreme temperatures. In addition, extreme temperatures can cause damage to all of the following items:

  • Artwork
  • Musical Instruments
  • Coin Collections
  • Stamp Collections
  • Comic Collections
  • Book Collections
  • Wine
  • Clothing
  • Documents
  • Business Inventory
  • Pictures
  • Electronics
  • And More!

Spending the money on storage becomes a waste if you find out all of your items have been damaged due to the weather changes. Don't waste your money. Choose climate controlled storage in Chicago and protect your belongings.

+ Storage Unit Security

Of course, choosing a storage unit with great security is also necessary. It doesn't do much good if you store your items only to find out your storage locker has been broken into and everything is gone. You want to choose a company providing the best possible security to protect your items.

At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we offer the best security for storage you will find. Our high security locks are very difficult to penetrate and we also offer an advanced security camera system, which was set up by Avishay from The Professional Locksmith. Our security is top notch with full 24/7 security monitoring and high security locks. You can trust that your belongings will be protected when you choose The Professionals Moving Specialists for your storage needs.

If you don't want to spend the time and effort to bring your things to storage, yet you want to use a climate controlled solution with the best security in Chicago, call us. We will pick up all your things, move them to your storage unit, pack them away gently and even re-deliver them when you're ready.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with all your storage needs.

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