How to Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move

One of the concerns you may have with your upcoming residential move is how you are going to move all of your things, your family, your pets, and your plants safely and efficiently while also keeping your kids content during the process. It’s such a stressful time but kids will always be kids and they will not be able to flip a switch on moving day to stay out of the way and take care of themselves.

That means you need to prepare for keeping the kids busy during the move so that you can get the job done. This is why it’s more important than ever to hire a great moving company to help you along the way. In addition, you can use these tricks to keep the kids busy during the big move.

Pack when they are not home

Before you move, you’ll want to make sure you work on the packing when they are not home. That might mean the kids are with the grandparents or at a class or activity that you’ve enrolled them which will give you the perfect time to get some packing done. Peace and quiet in the home will allow you to think and get the work done without distractions.

Give them a small job

You can bring the kids into some of the activity to make them feel more a part of things. Give them a small job to do, such as a pile of things to sort through before packing and labeling. Make sure it’s something that won’t break easily that they love, such as some stuffed animals or blocks.

Your children will be able to feel a part of the moving process and take pride in having helped mom and dad with the packing of their things. While they pack some easier items, you’ll have a moment to focus on delicate items.

Bring in some help on moving day

One of the best plans of attack for moving day is to have someone come to the home and watch the kids for you. This could be a friend, neighbor, or babysitter. Have someone to keep the kids busy during the move that will allow your children to have some fun, stay out of the way, and avoid feeling emotional about everything being moved out of their home. This is an important time to keep the kids happy and help burn off some energy so that the commute to the new home will allow for some quiet rest time.

Have some entertainment ready

If kids are wired and ready to play, make sure you have some entertainment to keep them busy. While it’s great to have something to do and play with, sometimes a movie or video game works as a great distraction on this day. Keep the devices nearby and some entertainment at your fingertips.

moving with kids and keeping them entertained

Activities that the kids can do

You can also plan ahead for some fun activities for the kids. Whether you’ve packed a special bag for moving day with crayons or playing cards, have some activities ready to go to pass the time. Keeping your kids special stuff with them will help with the transition too, such as a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy.


Lastly, don’t forget the benefit of incorporating some exercise that day. If your friend or nanny is available, have them take the kids outside to get some exercise. Taking a walk, doing sidewalk chalk, doing cartwheels, playing kickball, or going to the local park to hit the monkey bars are all great ways to release some tension for the kids and burn some energy. The long commute in the car or on a plane won’t be so bad after a morning in the sun.

Make sure to keep kids busy during the moving process so that you can work with your moving company to get everything moved properly. Use these tips to make moving day just as fun as a normal day for your children. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews