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Jacob Twig - The Professionals

Jacob Twig - President


Jacob Twig is the Owner and President for The Professionals Moving Specialists. As the President of the company, Jacob serves as the operations manager, dictating the performance and training of his professional staff and ensuring that his employees are dedicated to providing quality service. His oversight is the critical driving force for his company's success, and it is by his influence that his staff showcases professionalism and integrity. Jacob makes himself available to both the clients and his staff, and remains well informed of all business details and transactions.

Having built his moving company from scratch, Jacob has maintained a close personal relationship with the success of his business. He admires the dedication of his workers to make themselves available to their clients, eager to address any potential questions and providing assistance whenever necessary. The attention to customer service is a source of great pride for Jacob as he encourages the importance of maintaining a solid and close relationship with clients to make them feel at ease during the moving process. This familial relationship extends to the office, where all the employees remain close friends amidst the aura of professionalism. What Jacob most admires is the close relationship that has been established in the workplace. Knowing your staff and promoting a friendly atmosphere is what Jacob feels is most important towards making the clients feel like they are doing business with a tight knit group of caring and reassuring individuals.

Jacob believes that as long as the company offers high quality service, continues to looks for ways to improve, and emphasizes the growing importance on eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious practices, the company will continue to be a major player as the best moving company in Chicago. In addition to his passion for his work, Jacob enjoys sports, delving in the occasional MMA, playing soccer, and cooking in his spare time.

Hila Twig - The Professionals

Hila Twig - Vice President


Hila Twig is the Vice President and Owner for The Professionals Moving Specialists company. As Vice President, her occupational priorities involve the maintenance of office and employee standards, customer service, scheduling, office management, and sales. Hila stresses the significance of professionalism, establishing her company under the guidelines of proficiency and excellence indicative of a great company. Hila ensures that the clients experience is beneficial, and that the details of the relocation are made readily available to alleviate any anxiety related to the moving process. Her management of the business reinforces the notion for quality driven assurance within the business and on the job, and her assessment of office workers requires competence and a willingness to service the client to the maximum capacity. Despite the difficulties in managing the various aspects of the company's services, Hila remains dedicated to the success of the company, committed to the quality assurance that is her company's endeavor and the continual approach towards excellence and success.

Hila genuinely believes in her staff, and understands that her core group is essential to the overall success of the company. Their staff, she believes, is comprised of honest and dedicated workers who stress the values of honesty and cooperation within the work setting. The office is the foundation for the continual growth of the company, and success is predicated on how her staff treats the clients with professionalism, integrity and assurance. What Hila believes separates her company from other moving companies is they refrain from the banalities of generic service, rather they enforce an honest workforce that truly cares about the client's needs. Her goal for the future endeavors of the company is to continue to maintain their reputation and stress the importance of customer service in order to further nurture and expand their business into what should most assuredly be considered the best moving company in Chicago. In addition to representing her company and managing all the of the various services, Hila enjoys to take some time to herself and go to the beach as well as perform yoga.

Kelly - Administrative Assistant

Kelly - Administrative Assistant


Kelly is an Administrative Assistant for our moving company. She handles everything from providing estimates, to follow ups with clients, and assisting her coworkers in the office. She understands that moving is stressful and works to ensure that each client is at ease throughout the moving process.  She believes our company really cares about its customers. This makes for a seamless moving process from start to fininsh.

Shifra - Relocation Specialist

Shifra - Relocation Specialist


As a Relocation Specialist Shifra is responsible for managing the requests for estimates, contacting clients, and explain the logistics of the relocation process. She provides all the necessary information for an efficient move and responds to any questions about service.

For Shifra, the company’s attention to detail is what makes The Professionals Moving Specialists stand above other moving companies. She believes their customer service team is exceptional, providing the clients with information, keeping them involved and informed throughout the entirety of the process.

Lupe - Moving Coordinator

Lupe - Moving Coordinator


Lupe’s daily duties consist of both customer service, as well as assisting with dispatch. If questions should arise during a client’s move, Lupe will be in contact with both the client as well as the moving crew, to assure a smooth moving process.  

Our service team works to operate at an efficient and consistent pace, and Lupe knows that this is the main reason for the company's excellence.

Felipe - Dispatch Manager

Felipe - Dispatch Manager


Felipe Rios is the Dispatch Manager for The Professionals Moving Specialists. As the Dispatch Manager, Felipe is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all the drivers and assistants that help to ensure the moving process is swift and efficient. Beginning in the early morning, Felipe dispatches the crew and tracks their whereabouts throughout the course of the day. He also ensures that the staff possesses all the materials necessary to effectively move the equipment, and that the moving vehicles are in working order. Felipe's maintenance is necessary for a successful move, and his attention to detail guarantees the moving process is completed without difficulty.

Felipe admires his coworker's attention to detail throughout the moving process. The crew makes a conscious effort to guarantee no item is misplaced or mishandled and that the move is as simple and effective as possible. What Felipe believes separates our company from other similar companies is our professionalism. The entire staff works in harmony, playing to each other's strengths and making each other better and more effective workers. In addition to his passion for his work, Felipe enjoys going to the movies and spending time with his family, whenever possible watching his favorite soccer team la Cruz Azul.

Daddy - Office Mascot

Daddy - Office Mascot


Daddy is arguably the most crucial and significant aspect of The Professionals Moving Specialists, and our most important and dedicated employee. Daddy is proficient at avoiding tardiness and absence, showing up every day, rain or shine, dedicated to the success of the company. A pure Rottweiler, Daddy is 5 years old, and with age comes experience and wisdom evident in his approach and work ethic. Daddy maneuvers through the office, providing smiles and laughter, the most significant aspect to a successful enduring company. With a weight of 133 pounds Daddy is strong and durable, maintaining his presence throughout the office and making himself available for any questions, ideas and in some instances petting. Customers, neighbors, and the staff themselves all rave about Daddy and his people skills, capable of drawing in any client, and accomplishing any required task when he is not napping, playing, or licking himself. Despite dealing with issues of small stature compared to his coworkers, lack of opposable thumbs, and issues of self-consciousness associated with not being identified as a human equal, Daddy is a dedicated worker and the most important of all the employees.

Daddy loves to relax in his downtime from the office. Daddy enjoys going to the beach and playing in the water, playing catch with tennis balls and in the winter running and chilling around in the snow. When he has the time, Daddy loves to go to the local Chicago Cut Steakhouse and enjoy his favorite meal, the bone in a Rib Eye.

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