What to Move First When Moving

With so much to pack in your home, where do you even begin? There’s actually a good answer to this question because there is a part of the home that is the perfect place to start packing and moving first. It’s definitely not the kitchen or the bedrooms, but it may be items found stored in these areas of the home. The answer is also not to just start somewhere.

A couple discussing what to move first during the moving process

There is a way to pack the home that is going to make the most sense for the least disruption to your regular routine and the most efficient for moving everything from one home to another. Take a look at where to begin your residential move first and how it will make the process smoother.

Before Packing

The first thing to do before even packing or moving anything is to get a moving checklist, take an inventory, purge some things, and hire your moving crew. Your moving checklist will tell you how to get all of your tasks done and in what order, such as when to change your utilities over and what to pack first and last.

When you take inventory of what you do have, it will easily spell out for you what you need to be packing first, which will be the things you rarely use that you do want to keep.  That is because there will be some items you rarely use, and even some you use often, that you’ll decide you’d rather part with going into the new home.

Purging your belongings after taking your inventory will help you to see how much stuff you really have and help you downsize some of your things before moving them into another home. Less stuff will give you less to move and allow you to even make some money selling them in a yard sale. Lastly, hire your moving company now that you have an inventory of what’s going and they can help you get an estimate of what your move will cost and require.

Begin packing these things first

Now it’s time to start the moving process by packing things that have the lowest impact on daily life first. This will include stored items, books, extra linens, artwork, china, knick-knacks, and out-of-season clothing. If you have items in storage, such as your Christmas decoration in the garage, these types of things will be packed first.

Then your clothes that are out-of-season right now are perfect to pack and you could even use some to wrap up your delicate knick-knacks. Your china, artwork, picture frames, and souvenirs should go next. Then you can start packing extra linens or towels and just live with less for now, and apply the same to your book collection since you are likely only reading one or two books at the moment.

On moving day, it will be easy to see what items should go first because it will be these boxes you’ve worked on first. Your Christmas decorations, wall hangings, and extra linens and clothes are the perfect place to start because you aren’t using them for several months so they are already sitting in a spot unused at the moment.

The things that need to be packed last are those kitchen supplies, everyday clothes, bathroom accessories, and your home office. These things being packed up first will make it too hard to keep living in your home, while your china and souvenirs will be fine being packed away for moving day.

Make sure to prepare for your move by packing and moving these things first so that you can pack the things you need right now last.

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