5 Tips for Moving with a Dog

Moving homes with a dog can be stressful when you’re already considering how to function as a family during the move and get all of your stuff there safely. When it comes to pets and even plants that you take care of daily, you have to take some additional steps to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

Fortunately, dogs are resilient and will go with the flow as long as you take care of their basic needs during the move. Use these 5 tips for moving with your dog and then when you arrive, you’ll get to enjoy a brand new backyard and neighborhood park for your furry little one to enjoy!


The first tip is to make sure Fido is getting plenty of exercise. When your dog has pent-up energy, he or she is just going to get angrier about the move. It’s important to make sure your dog is able to burn off some energy so that he or she can relax a bit during the move.

The more energy in their system, the more anxious and misbehaving you’ll likely notice. Make sure the week before the move incorporates more exercise and the day of the move allows you to find pockets of time for a brisk walk and sometime moving around. If you have a backyard, allow your dog plenty of time to move around, but a walk to the park will really make a difference. Take turns as a family to do dog walks during the week of the move.

Keep them happy

You’ll also want to keep your dog happy during this time with some entertainment. Try some doggy brain games, such as playing hide-and-seek with treats and favorite toys, or buying a toy where the treat is in the middle and it takes a while to get it loose.

moving with a dog

Bake some new treats that you can put in a baggy and serve occasionally as something special during moving week. Find ways to keep your dog entertained and busy while you’re taking care of the move.

Relocate them during the move

An easy way to handle the situation is to simply take your dog somewhere else while you’re moving. You might have a friend or neighbor that can keep your dog for the day so that you can get through the process, but there are always options like a kennel or doggy daycare that he or she can go for a few hours.

Your dog is likely going to get anxious from all of the boxes moving and want to stand by your feet all day making it a hazard as you’re dealing with heavy objects. Talk to friends or family about dropping off your dog for the day or send your dog off for the morning at a care facility.

Anxiety aids

Since this is a stressful time, you may find that your dog isn’t handling the emotions well. It’s a more stressful situation than normal, like a thunderstorm or fireworks on the 4th of July, which justifies a little extra help right now.

This is a great time to get some anxiety aids to help through the time being that will help with the stress. Talk to your vet about options or try some retail options like calming collars and Thundershirt. There are even treats available at your local pet store that are made for anxious dogs.

Routine and quiet

Lastly, try to make the week before your move a calm one in which you stick to a routine. Your dog might be noticing changes and feeling the tension. Now is the time to stick to a routine, practice patience, and give your dog plenty of peacefulness and compassion.

If there is much activity going on throughout the week, find a quiet place that your dog can go to relax with familiar blankets and toys so that you can feel free to pack, run errands, or move boxes without stressing out Fluffy.

Use these 5 pro tips to make sure your dog is happy during your upcoming move.

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