The Difficulties of Packing Your Shed

One of the last things you’re probably thinking about with your upcoming moving is packing up the outdoors, specifically the things in your shed. It’s one of those areas that can be easy to forget between packing up your attic, getting everything from your children’s rooms, and even grabbing the dog’s toys.

Once you remember that your shed is going to need to be handled as well, you’re going to have to take extra precautions, since the items in your shed tend to have dangerous elements that have to be addressed before a move. Take a look at why your shed can be difficult to pack and why a professional moving company should handle it for you.

Moving your tools

One of the items likely living in your shed is your toolset which means you have items with blades, sharp edges, and heavyweight. You’ll want to prep for the move by putting all of your small tools in the toolbox and then gathering all of the tools of the same length to secure them together with a cord or plastic tab. Your movers will then secure all of the large or dangerous items with bubble wrap and properly label the box to make sure you are cautious when unpacking.


Do you keep your lawn furniture in the shed during the offseason? You’ll need to think about how these items will be moved as well. They are usually bulky and lightweight, making it more likely that you’ll be able to dismantle some of it before the move. Look at the table legs, glass tops, and umbrellas in the table to see if things can come apart. Be sure to wash everything down and let it dry all the way before the movers secure it with plastic.

Gas-powered items or motorized vehicles

Next up is the items in your shed that contain gas, oil, or a motor. You’re going to have to drain these items of any harmful liquids like oil and gas from your lawn mower, grill, chainsaw, or snow blower. Your movers will have protective covers for your chainsaws and lawnmower blades, but they may want to remove all attachments and pack them in a separate box. They will either have you empty propane tanks or not bring them on the truck.

packing lawn equipment.jpg

Be sure to discuss any motorized vehicles that you need to have moved that you don’t plan on driving. There are steps involved in preparing your car for shipping that your mover will need to discuss with you. Most people drive the vehicle or use a trailer behind the moving truck. If you own a motorized boat like a Jet Ski or ski-doo, or need your motorcycle moved, talk to your movers about what you need to do to get them ready before moving day.

Outdoor equipment and planters

Lastly, your shed likely holds your outdoor equipment, children’s stuff, and pots for your plants. Your mover will have to disassemble your swing sets and climbing toys unless you do them in advance, and then they will likely box your bikes to avoid bending them during the move. Before moving to another state, you’ll have to check if plants can be moved with you. Clean your planter boxes or pots thoroughly before the move and make sure to mark the box to show its heavy.

Being such a big job, it’s important to hire a professional moving company to handle your household move and everything in your shed. This is a look at how the move will go with the most common items in a shed. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews