What are the best days of the week to move?

Have you been thinking about scheduling your upcoming move for the best day of the week to move rather than going with the standard weekend choice? Some people are wising up to the fact that sometimes things just go smoother when you do them on the right day rather than the day that works best for them.

While Saturday and Sunday might work best for your schedule, your best moving days are actually going to fall on the work week and that’s not always the news moving families want to hear. If you can rearrange your schedule for your upcoming move, you’ll find that moving between Monday and Thursday is going to be a heck of a lot easier than moving over the weekend. Find out why, below.

Why moving on the weekend isn’t best

While the most popular day to move is on a Friday, this doesn’t mean it’s the best day to be moving. This was the most chosen moving day in the recent past and that’s because most people can easily take off a Friday from work and they hope to have the weekend to relax after the process.

While it’s tempting to move on a Friday and enjoy your new home over the weekend, you’re going to be up against the challenge of finding movers with availability on that day and traffic tends to be more chaotic. After Fridays, Saturdays tend to be the most popular day to move, but it’s another hard to book and you’ll be dealing with everybody off work and driving at the same time as you.

It turns out that the best days to move are between Monday and Thursday, despite Tuesdays being the least popular moving day. There is far less demand for movers making it a cinch to schedule your moving day, and taking the day the off work to get it done will pay off in big ways. You’ll likely save money hiring movers during this strange part of the week when no one else is moving, and you’ll have the weekend to look forward to unpack and get organized before the work week.

What time of year should I choose?

If you’re looking at your options for the best time of year to plan your relocation, be sure to avoid May and June, the most popular moving months in the country, and the timeframe from Memorial Day to Labor Day in general. Depending on the weather in your area, scheduling a move for the months between September to April will likely save you money and make it easy to schedule being the slower season for moving.

Is there a best time of day or best week out of the month?

Since you’re taking the day off work, you may be tempted to sleep in before the move, but you should actually keep things early since the early bird gets the worm. The early morning is the best time to move with an arrival between 8-10am, and you’ll love the better temperatures before the hot sun later in the day.

Consider scheduling your move in the middle of the month too, because mid-month moves tend to allow for the best availability since they are the lowest in demand. The first of the month and the end of the month are busiest as leases start and end.

If you’re getting ready to move, be sure to schedule it between Monday and Thursday mornings, in the middle of the month, avoiding a May through August move. You’ll find that following these tips makes it easier and more affordable to get your move done fast and efficiently from professional movers!

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