How to Move a Heavy Safe

Do you have a heavy safe that you’re wondering how to move to your new home? Such a bulky item like this can present a challenge for a family that wants to keep such a large and valuable asset, but it can seem impossible in a relocation. Large, heavy, and awkward items are a challenge for moving families, as well as moving crews, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You aren’t the first one to have an item like this that needs to be moved, which means your professional moving crew will have the right equipment to get the job done. Take a look at how you’ll go about moving a heavy safe properly and without damaging it.

How to prepare the safe

First, you’ll want to prepare the safe for the move. Empty it of all of your valuables so that things don’t get damaged or knocked around in the process of moving it downstairs or in a ride down the highway in the truck. Pack your valuables separately and safely to ensure they are protected and that the move goes smoothly.

Moving it

Once you’ve prepared the safe, it will be time for transport. Your moving crew will bring in a heavy-duty appliance dolly that is made to move heavy items like your refrigerator or washing machine. They will strap it in with moving straps to make sure it doesn’t adjust while moving it to the truck. They will have enough men to handle the move, which is an important difference between trying to do it yourself with a friend and allowing professionals to handle the task.

What to be careful of

There are extra precautions that come in with moving a big, heavy item, such as protection of your floors, walls, clothing, and doorways. It’s easy to snag your clothing on something like this which is why baggy clothing or jewelry should be avoided. Wearing proper footwear is important for the move since shoes that you could slip wearing could cause serious injury. You don’t want to harm your home either, which is why a furniture blanket around the safe could protect your floors, walls, or entryway.

Loading it on the dolly and moving

Your movers will need to carefully load the safe onto the dolly by tilting it to one side, sliding the dolly underneath and allowing it to safely rest against the dolly. Once strapped down properly, it will be tilted onto its wheels and rolled to the exit. A few people will need to help get it into position and keeping it steady during the move. Once it is on the truck, it will need to rest flat on the floor.

With such a big and dangerous job, it’s vital to have a professional moving service handle this for you. Don’t risk damaging your valuable possession, harming yourself, or damaging your house in the process of moving it. Call your local movers to handle this for you and make sure you empty it before they arrive. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews