Moving your grill and other outdoor living essentials

You’ve packed up your kitchen and you have a plan for your house plants, but have you considered how you’re going to move things like the grill and other outdoor gear? It’s one of those areas that are often overlooked by families that are moving because they tend to get caught up in how they are going to move everything inside the house first.

It’s easy to forget about the details of the outside of the house, but that is just as important. When it comes to moving your favorite summer cooking device and outdoor gear like patio furniture, golf clubs, gardening tools, and outdoor kitchenware, make sure you use this guide to move them carefully and avoid any damage.

Moving outdoor essentials

When you have outdoor toys and essentials to think of such as the kids sporting goods and your golf clubs, you’ll want to make sure you securely wrap all of these items before loading them on a moving truck. You’ll need pads to keep your golf club heads and other delicate items protected and then you’ll want to bubble wrap and secure with packing tape. Be sure to use the appropriate boxes for all of the sporting goods since everything will have a unique shape.

The same goes for your gardening supplies, patio furniture, lights, and other outdoor supplies. Use bubble wrap with tape over the items, along with extra padding on delicate items, before packing into boxes to avoid damage on the truck. When it comes to your outdoor kitchen, you may find it’s easiest to have it packed with your indoor kitchen supplies, and then separated at the new home.

How to move the grill

One of the most challenging areas of moving is when it comes to the grill. It’s not only that busy moving time of year for many, but it’s the best time to barbeque and entertain. Once you’ve packed up your outdoor kitchen, patio furniture, and party supplies, you’ll want to work on the grill.


Make sure you don’t move it if you’ve recently used the grill because you’ll need to be completely cool before attempting to move it. You don’t want to hurt yourself or others, as well as any items that come in contact with the grill from the heat it would radiate. Then, you’ll need to take extra precautions depending on the type of grill you have.

If you have a propane grill, you’ll have to disconnect your gas source and empty the fuel from the tank. Don’t move the full propane tank and don’t empty it if it’s actually a rental. If you own a charcoal grill, you’ll just have to clear it of briquettes before the move.

Once you’ve taken these safety precautions, you can simply disconnect each piece and carefully pack all individual pieces. Protect each item before loading it and disassemble as much as you can to make the move of the grill safer and easier. With an expensive item like your grill, you’ll want to make sure you don’t cause any damage to it by neglecting to disassemble or forgetting to cover it with a moving blanket. Lastly, make sure you’ve hired a professional moving crew to handle the move of the grill so that it will be moved safely and effectively.

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