5 life hacks for a successful & stress free move

Moving, by nature, is a stressful process, but fortunately, you can make it more manageable with some simple life hacks. Rather than getting overwhelmed from the start and allowing it to take over your move, you can choose to look at your move as accomplishing one thing at a time until the whole process is complete.

Once your move is done, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor with a fantastic new space and new neighborhood for your family to become part of. Take a look at some tricks that will make your move simpler and much less stressful!

Take photos of everything

One of the best tips for a stress-free move is to take photos during the process. That means to first take a photo of your house setup now so that you can remember how you like the TV placed, what the bookcase was arranged like, and where all of your favorite knick-knacks were placed.

photos taken inside home before moving

Then, you’ll want to take pictures as you pack so that you have a way to reference the items during the unpacking process. In the event that something was lost, you’ll be able to verify what box it was put in.

You’ll love having photos to reference at the new house because you may want to set up your home just like it was before or you may be looking for some specific items to use right away and your photos will help you determine which box they were packed in. Before you leave, take photos of your previous home in the event that you need to show someone like a landlord what state you left it in.

Pack a box for the first week

Speaking of items you may need right away, you should definitely pack yourself a separate box that can be used during your first week at the new home. While you can take your time unpacking your beautiful vases, the things you keep in the guest room, and the things you’ll want in your garage, you will need to be able to do things right away like cooking in the kitchen and taking a shower.

Pack the first-week box with things like shower curtains, towels, pots and pans, glasses, and the pet food bowls. Obviously, your family will need their bedding and clothing, but keep items handy like a first aid kit, trash bags, and cleaning supplies.

Keep hardware handy

In addition to these items that you’ll need right away, you’ll also want to keep your tools and hardware handy. It would be a pain to have packed away things like brackets, screws, and mounting pieces to furniture in a box somewhere when you want to reassemble your couch or table. Be sure to keep the hardware labeled and in your first-week box, along with tools to use.

Take care of your movers

One life hack you may not have thought about would be to take great care of your moving crew. While they are in your home to serve you today, make sure you to offer a beverage or some help throughout the process. Your small effort to keep them more comfortable will likely result in the crew taking extra good care of your belongings. Offering these things can avoid someone hurting themselves or getting dehydrated.

Use your own containers too

Lastly, remember that some of the things you will need to pack can actually work as a container too. You’ll have so many cardboard boxes or plastic containers being moved that it may be comforting to see your suitcases of clothing stand out when you are trying to find things. You can also save money by utilizing these containers you already have, such as decorative baskets and hampers. Just avoid using trash bags in case someone mistakes it for trash.

Use these simple life hacks to make your residential move even easier and stress-free this year!

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