How a moving company can help even a small office move

Even though you may run out of a small office, you should still talk to a professional mover about getting set up in your new space. You may have assumed a moving company wouldn’t bother with a small office move, but you are going to need the help just like any other size of office.

The problem with an office move is that many times, business needs to halt until the move is complete. When a moving company takes on the task, you’ll have minimal downtime and a quicker turnaround. Take a look at how moving companies help even a small office move.

businesswoman preparing for a small office move

Why hire office movers

Time is money and when you have to move your office for an expansion or changing needs, you don’t have much time you can afford to be down. That is why it only makes sense to hire an office moving company. They can help to make your move efficient and quick and all you have to do is keep in communication with your movers and your customers.

A moving crew will be able to eliminate the stress of doing it yourself while having both the experience and the manpower to handle it efficiently. You won’t lose as much time as you would doing it yourself and the movers will have the skill set to handle your equipment and sensitive belongings with care. When you move offices, everything moving is a bit more delicate than a typical household move, which is why having highly trained professionals that are trained in special handling is essential.

What you should do to prepare

Once you’ve hired your moving crew and have your new space ready to go, you’ll want to follow a few steps to ensure your move is a success. First, discuss the move with your staff and answer any questions or concerns about the changes for your business and new location. Then, you’ll want to make sure everyone has a way to communicate in order to ensure there are no issues during the transition.

From here you can set a timeline for the move to make sure you are preparing well ahead of time. You’ll want each task to go smoothly which is why you should be detailed and avoid anything that feels rushed. Your change in location will be a fresh start for your business and will allow you to improve the systems you have in place now.

You’ll love the end result once you get through the relocation, because you’ll be able to situate everyone as you best see fit in the new space, set up new systems that work best in the new office, and can say goodbye to the things that were holding your brand back in the current space.

What to expect

You’ll want to do some calculations to make sure your bottom line can handle the upcoming move. You’ll need to budget for the new space, the moving crew, the business downtime, the time you’ll spend away from the business to work on the move, and moving insurance. You’ll want to put the bulk of your moving budget into a proper moving crew.

Then you’ll want to consider if you need to invest in a storage space based on the inventory of your office. Talk to your moving company about insurance. Then consider what you will lose in downtime for your business and time you are spending preparing for the move and unpacking.

Once you’ve decided it’s the right time for an office move whether it’s because your lease was up or you’ve outgrown a space, hire your movers and start preparing your office. You may need to advise your clients, vendors, business partners, and service providers that your office will be down for a day or two, or you’ll need to start operating your office from your mobile devices.

 Inform the banks, insurance company, the post office, and the courier company as well. Get everyone in the office on the same page about the plan for the week and what is expected. Then your moving crew will be able to properly disconnect, pack, move, and unpack your equipment so that you can get back up and running in your new space.

Don’t try to handle a move on your just because your office is small. You’ll want a team that knows how to handle your sensitive office equipment and other items properly and with care while you avoid too much downtime that could affect your business. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews