Three main questions to ask your packers and movers before getting started

If you’ve decided to hire a moving crew for your upcoming relocation, you’ve made a great decision. Not only will you be removing a huge hassle from your to-do list, but you can count on your belongings making it safely to your destination.

Professional packers and movers know how to properly pack items to eliminate the chance of damage, put things in the truck with care, and transport it safely and efficiently to destination. When homeowners try to take on such a challenge on their own, they lose the benefit of the moving company handling something that they do every single day.

Take a look at what questions you’ll want to ask before the packers and movers you choose to work with get started on the job.

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Will you do a pre-move survey?

One of the first questions you’ll want to discuss with a moving company is the plans before the actual moving day. This means that you should ask if there will be a survey done before the move of your space and your household goods.

In the survey, your packers will be able to take a look at each room of the house to determine what is being moved, what type of boxes will be needed, how big the home is in order to choose the right size truck, and if there are any special concerns to address when it comes to moving day.

This is the time to find out if they will be moving you out of a condo that is only accessible by elevator, or if you have special artwork that will need specialty boxes.

You’ll want the moving company to perform a walk-through with an estimator to help note what you are going to need moved so that you can also let them know if there are things not being moved. This is a time where you can get a moving estimate based on the knowledge you provide the company.

What type of insurance do you have?

Next, talk to the company about what types of insurance they carry. This will help you get a better sense of the company’s credibility and let you know that they are up to the task as other moving companies. A high-quality, professional moving company will carry insurances to cover themselves and you. The main insurance they should have is liability insurance. They may also carry transit insurance to cover damages in transport.

You’ll want to ask what kind of insurance they are offering and if you’ll need to pay for it, as well as what it will cover. You’ll need to make sure your belongings and your move are covered by insurance just in the rare event that something happens. You can ask for proof of insurance and they will be able to show you their general liability insurance. You’ll be able to call the insurance agent to make sure it’s still in effect if you have any doubts, but rest assured that moving companies will have liability insurance to cover both the company and you for all moves.

Can I see references?

just like you would look for a restaurant review online, you’d likely want to hear from past customers to see how their experience with this company went. Ask if you can talk to references to get an idea about their likability among past customers and what you can expect working with them yourself. 

A reputable mover should be able to provide you with a few customers from your area that have moved in the recent past in order to allow you to call and ask questions about their experiences. You’ll likely have access to reviews online as well.

Before your move, be sure to ask these 3 big questions to your packing and moving crew. You’ll be thankful you were so prepared! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews