How to get the most out of your storage unit during a move

Storage units are the perfect way to make your move a breeze. They have become a huge trend in the moving world because families need a way to store their belongings when they are in the middle of waiting for their new home to close or they are trying to sell their home and have it staged to sell. If you need a storage unit for your move, make sure you check out the information below to make sure you get the most of your unit and storage needs.

Where can I get a storage unit for my move?

While most moving families would have to seek out their own private storage unit during a move, you can get them right with your moving company when choosing to work with Professional Moving Specialists.

Not only can they help you get your move done in a professional and efficient manner, but they can help you by providing a storage unit during this transition period. It’s great for storing things while you selling your home or move, and even for some extra storage space once you get settled in your new home.

What goes into my storage decision?

Deciding on getting a storage unit is just the first step. Next, you’ll need to discuss your needs with your storage unit provider because there will be a few decisions to consider. Climate control is a popular option for storage facilities because it allows you to protect your belongings from hot and cold temperatures.

Consider if you’ll need climate control to avoid damaging furniture, photos, and antiques. Then you’ll need to determine the size of the unit needed, such as a 5x5 for small boxes or a 10x20 if you have a 3-4 bedroom home’s worth of goods.

Loading up the storage unit

Lastly, you’ll need to strategize loading your belongings into the storage unit to make sure you get the most of your unit. Being organized is important to make sure you can easily get into the unit to move your things around and clearly see everything labeled for accessing later. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials to protect your items in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes.

It’s best to try to keep your items off of the ground. Occasionally, a storage unit could end up getting flooded from weather or a spill in another unit, and it would be a shame to have your items on the ground getting ruined. Getting a wooden shipping pallet or blocks to keep your belongings off the ground is a great way to protect yourself. Then be sure to disassemble your furniture so that you can stack them high, such as the legs off of your tables.

Don’t forget to get the appropriate lock for your storage unit and check your homeowners’ insurance policy to make sure it will cover items in your unit in the event of damage.

The easiest way to get the most out of your storage unit during a move is to get the storage unit from the same company handling the move. Talk to The Professionals Moving Specialists today about your upcoming moving and storing needs! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews