7 Tips for a Successful Move in 2019

If 2019 is the year you make your big move, you need to make sure you are ready for it and do what it takes now to make it a successful one. That means preparation, using proper supplies, packing the right way, and making sure your system is setup well to unpack when you arrive to your new house.

The last thing you want to do when you arrive at your new home is open boxes to find broken items, find boxes damaged, have trouble locating an item you need, or forget details like hiring a pet sitter and tipping the movers. There are so many details to keep track of but this go-to guide will make it easier than ever to handle each task at a time. Take a look at the 7 tips you’ll need for a successful move this year.

(This post has been updated at the end to include bonus tips we’ve learned through the years.)


You’ll first want to prepare yourself for the task of moving by coming up with a strategy and squaring away the details. How many boxes will you need and what type of packing materials do you want to use? You’ll need a variety of shapes and sizes of boxes and you’ll need to decide between cardboard moving boxes and plastic crates that can be rented for the move.

Packing supplies could include markers and labels, packing peanuts, packing paper for fragile items, and cushioning for creating layers between items. Give yourself a plan that lasts 30 to 60 days to actually pack up and leave your house and think of a strategy for getting from point A to point B on moving day.

Author: Nicolas Huk; Source:  Flickr

Author: Nicolas Huk; Source: Flickr

Buy supplies

Now that you’ve come up with a strategy for the days leading up to moving day and how the actual move can be coordinated, it’s time to start shopping for supplies. Don’t forget to get a variety of boxes that will fit all of your items in different sizes and weights.

You don’t want to overpack or underpack a box, leaving room for shifting or making it too heavy which could cause a box breaking. Get labels and markers to indicate the room and contents of the box. Get all of your packing supplies from a moving store or work with a moving crew that will be packing your items for you and provides the supplies.

Hire the movers

It’s time to talk to a moving crew to see what services can be provided for you and what tasks you’ll be handling yourself. Hire a local professional crew like The Professionals Moving Specialists who can handle your move efficiently and carefully. When you have items like plants, large antiques, and fragile china, you don’t want to worry about thing breaking during the move. Hiring a great moving company in town will set your mind at ease during this stressful transition.

How to pack

If your moving crew is only handling the moving part, you’ll want to make sure you pack with care. You’ll need to add packing peanuts to the bottom of boxes, put the heaviest items on the bottom, and then add layers between items to avoid damage. Make sure boxes don’t weigh more than 30lbs and that like items stay together. You’ll want to arrive with items packed by room and sets packed into the same box.

Take inventory

Once you’ve packed your home, make sure you take inventory with box numbers and the corresponding list of contents. It will make life easier when you need your shampoo or bedding after arriving to your new home and find there are dozens of boxes to unpack.

Tasks before moving day

Before the actual move, make sure you’ve considered how moving will go. You don’t want to worry about the pets, so be sure to hire a pet sitter for the day. You may not even want to worry about the kids, which means hiring a nanny for the day may make life simpler.

Make sure utilities will be setup when you arrive so that you can turn the lights on and have water in your faucets. Leave yourself time to greet your new neighbors and make sure you won’t be disrupting your neighbors at an inconvenient time of day.

When you arrive

When you arrive at your new house, make sure you introduce yourself to a few neighbors and utilize a box that you’ve labeled “open first” where you can locate your household essentials easiest. You may want to cook a meal or take a shower without going through every box to locate these essentials.

Make sure you’ve left some cash handy to tip the moving crew and make sure you’ve scheduled any furniture deliveries for the day after moving in to avoid too many movers trying to get in the house at once.

Additional Tips for Your Move (Updated February 2019):

Prepare yourself and your home

Just like in previous years, preparation is always vital to a successful moving process. Start with sorting through your home into the “donate,” “keep,” “sell,” and “toss” piles in order to only take with you the things that you really want in your new home. Donating and tossing items will take a weight off while the things you choose to sell will bring in some extra cash that you can spend to enjoy the restaurants and attractions when you arrive at your new home.

Have a garage sale

Take the “sell” pile and host a garage sale well in advance from your move. You’ll love having the weight of the things you don’t need any more leaving your house and getting some extra cash in the process. This is also a great way to inform some of the neighbors that stop by of your upcoming plans to move.  Anything you don’t sell can be donated with your “donate” pile, and saving the receipts will allow you to deduct some of the value from your income taxes.

Take inventory of what’s coming with you

Now you can take inventory of what you are moving to the new house so that you can decide how much you’ll need when it comes to moving supplies. You can use sites like www.moving.com to help you determine the right amount of boxes and supplies from their Packing Calculator.

Hire the moving team

Now it’s time to hire your professional moving crew. A reliable moving company with great reviews, a license, and insurance to move, and one that you have professional and great interaction with is the one to go with. Make sure your movers inform you of what you’ll need to do and what they will do for you, as well as a moving quote, and plans for a timeline.

Choose your moving date wisely

Speaking of a timeline, you’ll want to choose your moving date carefully. It’s been found in the past and still applies today that moving in the middle of the week and in the middle of a month tends to work out nicely. Most people are moving at the beginning or end of the month and they tend to favor the beginning or end of the week. This means that the middle allows for better prices, less competition, and a less busy traffic experience.

Pack your belongings

Now it’s time to start your packing unless the moving crew you’ve hired is packing for you. Be sure to pack everything with protection, such as layering between items, putting packing peanuts on the bottom of boxes, and keeping the heaviest items towards the bottom to avoid any damage. Don’t overdo any boxes making them too heavy to carry. Organize items by room to make it easier when you arrive.

Take inventory of what’s going

Account for what is in each box and take inventory before your move. You want to make sure you can find things at the destination and that you know which boxes will be for what room. If any items come up missing, you can speak to the movers with proof of your inventory.

Notify all parties

Now it’s time to make sure you’ve notified friends and family of the move and your new address. You’ll also want to handle all of the important contacts like doctor’s offices, the dentist, and the schools of your new address. If you are moving to a new area, you’ll need to collect paperwork to help with the transfer of schools and medical offices.

Make sure to collect all the paperwork you need to transfer yourself into new these new service providers, schools, and other places you visit frequently. Make sure you’ve also hired a pet-sitter and babysitter to help you out on moving day, and had all of your utilities scheduled in advance for shutoff from your current home and to be turned on at your new home upon arrival.

Do an energy audit of the new house

One great way to set up your family for success this year is to have an energy audit done in your new home. In exchange for paying for an audit, you’ll be able to find out if there are any issues with the home that will end up costing you more in your utility bill each month. For example, a hot or cold air leak may mean you could use some work in your home’s insulation or ductwork. Knowing this and fixing it up right away will saving you hundreds in your budget.

Donate your pantry items to a food pantry

Instead of packing up the pantry, why not donate to a great cause and starting fresh when you arrive? Organizations like Move for Hunger will take your non-perishable foods and get it to a nearby food bank.

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