Top Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Items Before a Move

Before you make the move to Chicago, it's best to unload anything you don't want or need anymore. Maybe you're downsizing or you've bought a new house. Getting rid of the old to make room for something new is easiest to do before you move.

The best part about getting rid of things before you move, most of what you have can be sold. There are several ways to sell your unwanted items before you move. Here are a few of the top ways to sell your stuff if you're getting ready to move.

preparing to sell items before a move


An easy way to unload furniture or anything too large or heavy to ship, Craigslist is the marketplace for these items. You can list your items free of charge and sell all types of things, such as appliances, yard equipment, bicycles and more.


The Facebook marketplace is another great place to sell your larger items or more expensive items. Usually, you can get a little bit more cash for your items on Facebook compared to Craigslist. If your items are nicer, list them on Facebook and watch them sell fast.

Word of Mouth

Of course, you can speak to your family and friends first to see what they may want to buy from you. They may be looking for exactly what you have or maybe you have a friend that has loved your sofa for years. Now is the time to let them know you're selling and give them the first shot to buy what you have.

In addition, telling friends and family what you're selling will turn them into salespeople for you. Often, they will talk to co-workers, friends and other people they know. They may find someone interested in what you have for sale.

Garage Sales

A great way to unload those items that are too cheap to sell on Facebook or Craigslist is a garage sale or moving sale. Keep your prices reasonable and you will sell plenty of things and end up with some good cash in hand. You can even use this as a way to sell the large items if you get the right offer.


If you're selling something you can ship and it's worth $50 or more, eBay may be the place to sell it. You can list your item for sale and let the auction run from one day to 10 days. You can even to a Buy Now listing with just a price for sale or take offers. Just make sure you consider the price of shipping when selling on eBay.

Free Apps

There are also a handful of good free apps you can use to sell your things, such as OfferUp, Close5, LetGo, Decluttr, and others. If you prefer a way to sell your things from your smartphone, this may be the way to go.

Selling your things before you move doesn't have to be difficult. Use these marketplaces to list your items for sale and you'll likely get plenty sold before you pack up to move. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews