5 Tips for Moving Into Your First Chicago Apartment

Moving to Chicago is exciting! If you've always wanted to live in the big city and this will be your first time, the actual moving process can be hectic. Even if you've lived in a big city before, moving into your first Chicago apartment may become exhausting.

couple moving into apartment building

When it's time to move into an apartment in the Windy City, a few tips might help. Here are five tips to help you with the moving process.

Move at the Right Time of the Year, If Possible

While it may not be possible, if you have the option to choose when you move, the spring and summer may not be the best time. The weather is great, but everybody is moving during the spring and summer. During these seasons, you may struggle to book apartment movers in Chicago, unless you plan many months in advance.

Choosing to move in the fall or winter might be a better option. While the need for a winter coat could be annoying during a move, the prices for moving and for apartments will likely be lower during the colder months. There will also be less competition for booking your movers as fewer people will be moving. Even the landlords become a bit more desperate and may offer better deals during these seasons.

If the fall and winter won't work for you, at least try to avoid the big move in and move out weekends for colleges throughout Chicago. These weekends happen in late April, early May, and August.

Pack with What You Own

Moving into your first Chicago apartment can certainly get expensive. Using some of the things you already own as packing supplies will help ease the burden. Even though boxes aren't expensive, when you end up buying several, along with bubble wrap, tape, and other supplies, it can add up fast.

Consider using blankets and towels as protection. Pack in suitcases and bins you already own before investing in any other moving supplies. Using what you own might save you money you can use for other things, such as hiring a residential mover in Chicago instead of trying to do it all yourself.

Eliminate and Minimize Before Packing

This tip is especially important if you're coming from a larger apartment or house in a smaller town or city. Overpacking is common for those moving to Chicago and you will likely have less space than you had in another city as the cost of living is more expensive in Chicago.

You may be going from 1,000+ square feet to less than 700, which means you won't have room for all your things. When moving into your first Chicago apartment, it's a good idea to eliminate anything you don't need or want before packing.

Use Up Groceries Before Moving

About two weeks before you're ready to move to Chicago, it's time to start using up the last of your groceries, especially anything in the fridge or freezer. Traveling with food isn't fun, easy, or practical.

Prepare and eat the last of the food you own and schedule a time to shop at the grocery store only for what you really need. Consider buying things for one day or one meal at a time and you may end up eating out a bit more than normal during the moving process.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Even if you're not staying overnight on the way to Chicago, pack an overnight bag or an essentials bag. This bag should have everything you need if you have to stay in a hotel overnight, along with the essentials you may need for the first day/night in your new place.

It's likely you will arrive at your first Chicago apartment and have very little energy once the day is done. You may not want to unpack right away and your overnight or essentials bag buys you a day to work things out.

These five tips will help make moving into your first Chicago apartment a bit easier. Of course, hiring a moving company to handle your packing, moving, and unpacking will also make the process much easier.

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