Renting a Moving Truck vs. Hiring a Moving Company

It's time to pack up and move. You have a specific budget you're working with and you're not sure if you should rent a moving truck or hire a moving company.

Making the decision between a moving company and a DIY move isn't always an easy decision. Renting a moving truck will usually cost less, upfront, but the added stress and work you must do will make it less convenient. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing between renting a moving truck vs hiring a moving company.

Price Tag

If you've set a moving budget, the price tag will be one of the deciding factors for you between rending a moving truck and hiring a moving company. At first glance, it will seem less expensive to rent a moving truck compared to hiring a moving company. However, you have to look at more than just the initial cost.

If you rent a moving truck, you will also need to pay for gas and tolls. Those moving across the country should also consider that you won't drive as fast, so you may need to overnight in a hotel and you may need to buy meals on the road.

When comparing the price of a moving truck to a moving company, make sure you factor in all the costs. Hiring a moving company may end up being the less expensive option.


Does anybody truly enjoy begging family and friends to help them pack? When you rent a moving truck, you will have to recruit the hands of others to help you pack the truck and move. Of course, if you're a family of 6 and 3 of your family members are teenagers, you might have all the help you need.

However, for those moving on their own or without much help, hiring a moving company means you will have plenty of hands to help pack up the truck. Plus, the hands you will have are professionals with the ability to ensure your things are properly loaded into the truck and unloaded carefully at your new location.


One of the things you do lose when you hire a moving company is control. Renting a moving truck means you're in total control of the moving process. You'll get to choose the truck, the supplies, and everything else that goes along with your move.

However, when you choose a good moving company in Chicago, you'll have enough control to keep you sane, if you need control. Plus, you won't have to do nearly as much work and you'll be trusting experts that move things for people every single day.

Safety and Protection

Renting a moving truck means you have to load it, drive it, and unload it. You're responsible for the safety and the protection of your items, yourself, and the truck.

When you hire a moving company, you don't have to worry about much of anything. You won't do the heavy lifting, you won't have to drive, and you won't have to worry about how the truck is packed. Professionals handle moves every single day and they know how to make sure your move happens safely with all your belongings protected.

There are benefits to both renting a moving truck and hiring a moving company. However, if you're looking for a less stressful, easier way to move, hiring the right moving company will make a huge difference.

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