Should I trust the moving company with my fragile items?

One of the biggest concerns you are probably facing with your upcoming move is the fear of how your fragile items will get to destination safely. It’s scary to think that some of your most valuable items may not make it unscathed and that is a chance someone takes when moving.

Fortunately, you can increase your chances of keeping them safe by hiring a professional moving crew. You may think that you can keep your fragile items safer doing it yourself but you’re actually better off hiring movers. Here is why you can and should trust the moving company with your fragile items on your upcoming move.

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Moving is a complicated process

Don’t try to handle a move on your own; hiring a professional moving company means things will get done properly. It’s more complicated than wrapping your china dishes in some packing paper and taping shut the box. There is a method to proper packing and handling everything with the care that only experienced professionals are going to do well and do efficiently.

They have the proper supplies

Not only do they have the expertise in managing your fragile items, but they carry all kinds of packing solutions that will fit even the strangest of items. They carry the proper boxes and packing materials for things like fine art, pianos, electronics, and fine china.

They keep a variety of sizes and specialty wrapping to ensure that your fragile belongings don’t shift, bend, break, or become punctured during a move. While you may be able to locate some of these items on your own, you may not know the proper way to pack it so that it doesn’t become damaged during the transport process.

They know special tricks

Along with their experience and having the right supplies, they will know tricks you don’t because they do this so often. They know that fragile items shouldn’t be fit to the brim of a box but that they should be mixed with soft items to avoid movement in the box.

They know how thick of a box to buy for the right items and they know not to make a large box too heavy making for a higher risk of accidentally dropping it. They know to keep electronics out of extreme weather conditions and will provide you with only new packing supplies rather than anything used that could be damaged or susceptible to problems in transit.

Research moving companies

The best way to feel confident going into your move is to research a potential moving company. Find out how previous customers felt about their move and what their reputation in town is like. Once you see that other customers had a great move and felt like the crew carefully packed away fragile items with care, you’ll feel more confident going into your move.

Any company that rushes through the process and doesn’t bring the proper supplies is not the right one for you. A great moving company will be open with communication, take the time to survey your home before the move, and will bring the proper supplies needed on moving day.

Don’t try to haphazardly pack your own home and move it in your own truck on moving day. Hire a professional moving company that won’t cause you to break your most precious items but will ensure they get to your new home with the utmost care. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews