Felipe – Dispatch Manager



Felipe Rios is the Dispatch Manager for The Professionals Moving Specialists. As the Dispatch Manager, Felipe is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all the drivers and assistants that help to ensure the moving process is swift and efficient. Beginning in the early morning, Felipe dispatches the crew and tracks their whereabouts throughout the course of the day. He also ensures that the staff possesses all the materials necessary to effectively move the equipment, and that the moving vehicles are in working order. Felipe's maintenance is necessary for a successful move, and his attention to detail guarantees the moving process is completed without difficulty.

Felipe admires his coworker's attention to detail throughout the moving process. The crew makes a conscious effort to guarantee no item is misplaced or mishandled and that the move is as simple and effective as possible. What Felipe believes separates our company from other similar companies is our professionalism. The entire staff works in harmony, playing to each other's strengths and making each other better and more effective workers. In addition to his passion for his work, Felipe enjoys going to the movies and spending time with his family, whenever possible watching his favorite soccer team la Cruz Azul.