How do moving companies safely move furniture in the rain?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you plan for a moving day, with everything that is involved in it (here’s a moving day checklist!), just to find out it’s going to be raining that day? It’s not like you can move the date when you’ve already made the arrangements with the schools, the office, your utility companies, and your moving crew.

The fact is that sometimes rainy days happen and the show must go on. That is why it’s important to be prepared ahead of time that in the event of rain, moving companies know how to safely move your furniture regardless. Take a look at what you can count on from the moving company when it comes to inclement weather.

Wet moving boxes

Pack extra well

The good news is that you can move on a rainy moving day but you will have to be prepared for some additional steps in the process. You’ll need to not only ensure that all items are sealed in their containers, but you’ll have to be carefully prep both the home you are leaving and the home you are moving into in order to avoid accidents. The first step is to make sure everything is packed extra well.

For wood furniture, you can use heavy furniture blankets to protect it from getting wet. If you have large artwork, you’ll want to wrap it in plenty of plastic wrapping to avoid moisture getting to it. If you have bulky items that aren’t going into a container, make sure you cover them in a large trash bag to avoid rain getting to them.

Your local moving company should have everything from plastic covers to mattress pads for you to rent for the process. Everything going into cardboard boxes should be sealed well with packing tape and checked for any possible openings where rain could get access. You may want to avoid having anything outside of containers in order to avoid any possibility of the items getting rained on.

Prepping the moving space

The home you are moving out of was probably going to need some protection to avoid any issues on moving day, such as coverings on the edges where the walls meet in order to avoid damage or a room where the pets can stay in order to stay out of the way of the movers. When it comes to a rainy moving day, you’ll have to also consider how to avoid slip and falls, as well as tracking in mud and water.

The first step would be to line your entryway and porch with towels to help with tracking in water or mud since everyone would step on that before entering the house. Next, make sure everyone is in all-weather shoes or boots to avoid slips while carrying boxes. Lastly, have the movers show you that the moving truck has no leaks so that if small leaks are causing water dripping through, you can duct tape them to ensure your belongings will not be affected.

Your new home will need some attention to. Make sure to lay down rugs or towels in front of the front door to avoid tracking in anything that might cause a slip. Your utilities should be set up in advance which means that you’ll be able to warm up or cool off the space during the moving process.

They’ll work in an assembly line

Lastly, your moving team will likely work in an assembly line on a rainy day to help things get done a bit faster during this rainy day, as well as to help protect your floors. One person will stand on the inside and another will stay on the outside, avoiding any shoes tracking in through the house. This can also work well for moving into the new house so that moisture and mud can stay outside the home. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews