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what to expect on moving day

The Moving Day Process

Moving day is a process; to say the least. It can be exciting, stressful and filled with emotion. Here's what you can expect when it comes to the moving day process.

Leading Up to Moving Day

Before moving day arrives, if you're well prepared, you can expect to have a checklist in place with all the tasks needing done. This helps to make the moving day process much easier. You should also know the time the movers will arrive and any other important information.

Moving Day Essentials

Another part of the preparation for moving day is making sure you have a few essentials. You'll want to have extra boxes, extra packing supplies, extra tape, basic tools, a first-aid kit, an essentials bag for when you arrive and anything else you cannot live without.

Tips for Moving Day

The moving day process gets stressful. With a few tips you won't have to worry so much. Don’t oversleep and make sure you double check the home you are leaving. Safety comes above everything else as you don't want to become injured or cause damage to the property. In addition, make sure you keep all valuables and important papers with you.

The Actual Moving Day Process

The process for moving day will vary a bit, depending on how well you are prepared. If you're well prepared and you don't run into inclement weather or any other hiccups, it should go a bit like this:

  • Wake up and get some breakfast (you'll need the energy)

  • Do any last minute packing before the movers arrive

  • Movers arrive and go through the things you want packed with you

  • Movers start loading the truck(s) with your belongings

  • You pack your essentials bag, valuables and other items into your own vehicle

  • Movers finish packing, close the truck and head towards your new home

  • You go through the old residence to make sure nothings was overlooked

  • You hit the road and head to your new home

  • Movers unload all items into your new home and into the room specified on the carefully labeled boxes

  • You move in all items packed in your personal vehicle

  • Movers go through their checklist to ensure everything has been delivered properly

  • You start unpacking the most important items for each room first

  • You're now moved in and just need to get fully unpacked

If you hired your professional moving company to help with packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and furniture assembly, they will also take care of these tasks.

During the moving day process, expect to have found something you forgot to pack or have something in need of repacking. In addition, if it's a busy day, expect delays. Moving day doesn't always go perfectly, but if you expect the hiccups, they won't throw you off too much.

Hiring a moving company will go a long way to making the moving day process smooth and easy. Make sure you're well prepared or you could be doing quite a bit of last minute packing, which can delay the process on moving day.

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