Top 5 Tips for Moving in the Heat of the Summer

When it comes to a summer move, you may have more time on your hands but you’re also working in less than ideal temps. That means that you can move while the kids are no longer busy with school and homework, but you’re moving during the time that it’s too hot to do anything but hang by the pool!

That means you’ll need to come up with some strategies to make the move a more comfortable process. From starting earlier in the day to stocking up on bottled water, here is a look at the top five moving tips that you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re moving this summer.

Dress for the weather

You may be tempted to dress in your favorite yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but you’ll want to prepare for a hot day. Make sure you dress in loose fitting clothes, breathable fabrics, and lightweight materials like linen and cotton.

Materials that absorb sweat and moisture will keep the moving day dry, while materials like rayon or polyester will make you very uncomfortable. Choose whiter colors for the hot sun while avoiding black clothing that will encourage the sun to beat down on you. Bring a hat to protect your face and head from the sun and choose shoes that will make it easy to move boxes and walk back and forth from the truck to the home.

Bring tons of water

You already know you’re going to need to bring some water for the day, but make sure you really stock up on a day’s worth of bottled water. It’s going to be a hot one being a summer moving day, and your body is going to be moving around like you’re exercising.

On top of staying hydrated because it’s a hot day, you’ll be rehydrating from all of the exercises your body is getting from walking, lifting, and loading the truck or house. Don’t get dehydrated and make sure you have plenty of water for the whole crew.

Start early in the day

Another trick for a safe move is to start early in the day before the hottest of the sun hours begins. Make sure you’ve handled the hardest parts of the move in the morning so that the easier parts of the move can happen during the hottest hours of the day, between 11am and 3pm, or try to finish the move by 11am. Early mornings will be much cooler and will allow you to beat the heat by up to 10 degrees. Choose early mornings and be sure to apply that sunscreen for the many hours you’re out in the sun.

Protect your heat-sensitive items

Don’t forget that your stuff won’t like the heat either. Consider what items you own that might be heat-sensitive and be sure not to leave them in the beating sun. For example, your electronics may not fare well in the heat of the sun, nor will your plants, food, pets, or anything that could melt. Make sure to pack these things separately (don't pack your pets, though!) and leave in the air conditioning for as long as possible. Be sure to have your utilities ready in your new home in advance so that you can cool the home down right away when you arrive.

Keep fans and cold towels on-hand

Another trick to keep your family and your stuff cool is to have cold towels on-hand that can live in a cooler with ice. When anyone starts to feel too hot, they can grab a towel and take a breather. When you arrive at the new house, make sure you have portable fans ready to go to cool down the house while you wait for the A/C to kick on.

Be sure to look out for symptoms of overheating, such as dizziness, headaches, and muscle cramps among the crew, and seek medical attention if anyone appears to have gotten too much heat. Make sure to follow these five tips for moving in the heat of the summer to keep you safe and comfortable during this season. Of course, you can always hire The Professional Moving Specialists and sit back and relax while they do the move for you! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews