How to Move Your Arcade Machines

One of those areas of the upcoming move that you may have concerns about is how you will move those classic arcade games in the game room or basement. It’s not every day that you think about safely transporting an arcade machine, but if you’re preparing to move, it’s an important consideration to make.

It’s one of the items in your home that is difficult to move in general, it’s more fragile than most things, and it’s most vulnerable to being damaged. That is why you’ll need a professional moving company to ensure it’s being disassembled, loaded, and reassembled properly for your move. Don’t try to handle this large and fragile item yourself; call The Professional Moving Specialists to make sure your arcade machines are moved into your new home safe and sound.

How arcade machines are prepped for moving

When you call The Professional Moving Specialists, they will come out to your house and handle a disassembly of your arcade machine before attempting to move it. This means that first, they will need to remove loose pieces like pinballs, fold down the back of the machine onto the playing field of the machine, and wrapping the two sections together well with plastic wrap.

Then, a professional would need to remove the back legs and set the machine to the ground before turning the machine on its side in order to remove the front legs. After that, the cabinet would be wrapped in blankets to protect the exterior of the game and any paint that may be on it.

Moving an arcade machine

Just like any other piece of furniture or delicate items like your fine china, your arcade machine will need to be wrapped and moved with care. Many people find themselves in the same situation when it comes to moving a pool table, in which the item is as fragile as their fine china but as large as their sofa. Arcade machines are like an expensive cabinet that holds sentimental value and a fragility that means it needs extra care in order to protect the item during a move.

It’s one of those items that you’ll hold on to for years to come for its sentimental value and its expense. That’s why The Professional Moving Specialists are there to take the precautions needed to not only properly pack the machine, but to move it properly so that you aren’t stuck with an expensive machine repair.

Once the most delicate parts of the machine or table have been removed, like the pin balls of your pinball machine or the felt of a pool table, it will be safe to move the machine. It’s never recommended that homeowners handle this themselves since these pieces of equipment can weigh up to 325 lbs (or more even!).

Being a job for at least two people, your professional moving crew will have no problem having the adequate amount of people to handle the item with care moving it from your home into the moving truck. In some cases, the mechanics of your pinball machine could get slightly altered during the move, but with a simple tweaking from an experienced professional; it can be good as new in your new home. Talk to your moving specialists about their experience moving arcade machines and other collectibles in advance of your move.

Don’t allow your arcade machines to lose value and get damaged moving it with a buddy. Talk to The Professional Moving Specialists to make sure it’s done correctly from start to finish so that you can keep your collectible item for years to come. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews