Tips for Moving out of your Chicago Apartment

During the very busy rental season in Chicago, you may find yourself moving from one apartment to another. Even if you're moving out of an apartment into a home in the suburbs, moving may provide more stress than you're used to. Many Chicago apartments are rented from May 1st to October 1st every year. This is considered the very busy rental season in Chicago. If you're moving out of a Chicago apartment during this busy rental season or another time of the year, use these tips to make the move easier.

Hire Movers or Handle it Yourself?

One of the most important decisions you will make is to hire a Chicago moving company or handle the moving yourself. As important as your budget is when making this decision, you should also consider factors, such as your time, physical ability and the stress moving will put on you. Hiring a moving company will not only take the physical stress of moving boxes, but it can also take away some of the emotional stress of the move.

Packing Up Your Apartment

If you want to make your move easier, packing up your apartment will make a big difference. The best thing you can do is start packing early, even a full month before you move. Pack a little bit every day and label each box with the room the contents belong to. This will make it much easier when you arrive at your new home.

Using Lake Shore Drive in a Moving Truck

Generally, trucks carrying freight are not allowed to use Lake Shore Drive. However, moving companies can use Lake Shore Drive, if they can show it's the easiest route to the new destination. They can apply and be granted a permit for driving on Lake Shore Drive.

If you were to try to get a permit from the city, as an individual, you would need general liability insurance. This could mean your route from your current apartment to your new apartment may have to avoid Lake Shore Drive.

Getting your Old Security Deposit Back

Often, tenants want to get as much of their security deposit back as possible. In order to get the deposit back, it's best to clean the empty apartment after moving out. If the apartment is clean, you have not caused any damage and you have paid your rent in full, you should be able to get your deposit back. It's best to take pictures of how you left the apartment in case you need to challenge the landlord for the deposit.

Handling your Move-Out Deadline

In some cases, you have to move out on the last day of the monthly, but you are not allowed to move in until the first day of the month at your new place. When this is the case, you may need to talk to your current and your new landlord to work out the details of moving in on the same day you move out. Sometimes, a new landlord will allow you to store your items in an empty unit for a few days until you move in.

There are several things to consider when moving out of an apartment in Chicago. With the help of a professional Chicago moving company, you will be able to move without all the stress.

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