6 Winter Moving Tips for Cold Chicago Days

Moving in the winter isn't nearly as easy or as straightforward as moving in the summer, especially in Chicago. The winter months can be very cold in the windy city. If you plan to move during the winter, make sure you are prepared. Here are six tips to help prepare you for moving during a Chicago winter.

Keep Your Heat On

It may be tempting to save a little bit of money and have the heat turned off, especially if you’re sleeping somewhere else. However, if the heat is off come moving day, it will get very cold inside your home or apartment. You will probably have the door open quite a bit and the cold air will get in fast.

Cover the Floors

When winter comes, it tends to bring all types of slush, mud and snow inside. The last thing you want is your movers tracking dirt into your new home or even the old home you just cleaned up. Put down protective drop cloths and anchor them well to ensure they don't rip.

Keep Walkways Clear

Whether you have a driveway or a sidewalk, you want to make sure it's clear. Shovel any snow and put salt/sand down for any ice you may be dealing with. This will make it easier when the movers come and there will be less of a chance of one of them slipping and falling.

Be Aware of Temperature-Sensitive Items

Some of your items may be damaged by cold temperatures, such as house plants. Make sure you are aware of these items and take the necessary precautions to ensure they are moved properly. The last thing you want is for an old set of china to arrive with cracks due to extremely cold temperatures.

Pets Go First

Moving your pets first is a good idea any time of the year, but especially in the winter. You dog or cat may get cold if they have to wait at your current home for you to pack up and move. Moving them to the new place will ensure they are warm and secure before the movers arrive at your old home. This will also help to eliminate any chance of your pets escaping your home and getting lost in the cold city.

Be Prepared to Be Flexible

Winters in Chicago can turn ugly fast. Even moving companies with a reputation of reliability cannot control closed roads or blizzard-like conditions. Whenever you are moving in the winter, you should have a contingency plan in case of bad weather.

Moving during a Chicago winter presents many unique challenges. Navigating these challenges on your own may be more than you can handle. When the winter hits, moving becomes much more difficult with the cold temperatures and potential of ice and snow.

If you need to move your home or business during the winter, trust a professional mover to help. They will understand the risks and challenges you face. Since a professional Chicago moving company works with clients every day of the winter, they have the necessary experience to ensure your move happens without nearly as much stress.

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