What will professional movers not move?

Professional movers are generally game for moving any items you need, but there may be exceptions based on specialty items. Some firms may not be equipped or prepared to take on moving extremely valuable items like art or antiques; or they may not be willing to move extremely large items (think pianos or dining room sets). We do advise clients to move their extremely valuable items like art or antiques separately; The Professionals will not move any open liquids or flammable items, such as propane tanks. We may not be able to move specific items, deepening on the size and / or weight.

If you aren’t certain about the ability or willingness of a team to move a specific item, be sure to make a note of it when filling out any cost estimate forms or ask to speak to a member of our team early in the process. The odds are good that with some research, you should be able to identify a team capable of moving your items.