Top 5 apps to help plan your move

When it comes to residential moving, any opportunities to make things simpler, easier, or more streamlined are incredibly useful. There are so many moving parts to a move, from hiring the movers to having a moving party to say goodbye to friends and neighbors that it’s essential to find ways to make things a little more organized or simplified.

Nowadays, you can find many apps that make moving a breeze that people didn’t have the chance to use when they were moving so many years ago. Today you can enjoy the ease of apps like Craigslist, Move Advisor, and TaskRabbit to get things done a little more efficiently. Take a look at the top five apps that people are using to plan their moves.

Move Advisor

At no charge, you can take advantage of Move Advisor to organize your upcoming move. It’s designed to help you get started and keep everything moving efficiently. This is great for those that are new to the process or simply overwhelmed. Download Move Advisor to have your own personal moving advisor right in your pocket that helps to stick to your timeline, keep track of your stuff, and to get you a moving quote.

This app is a beautifully designed smartphone app that is super simple to use. It offers you four tools to streamline the process including, your moving timeline, home inventory, finding moving companies near you, and getting you a moving quote. Use this to find professional movers near your home with quotes on the move, as well as keeping track of the items in each room of the house and a moving timeline to keep you track.

Simply tap the button when you need a reminder or to complete a task, while having the ability to add a room of inventory into the app before the move, and getting a quick way to look for moving crews in your area.


Are you overwhelmed at the thought of physically preparing your home for the move? TaskRabbit is the new handy tool to hire people in your area to perform tasks such as home repairs, a deep cleaning, or disassembling furniture. Do you need someone to remove art from the wall and patch up the holes, clean the house after the movers get everything out, or to help you take that bedframe apart? Any task you can think of you can find someone in your area to help you with it right on TaskRabbit.


One of the fun parts of moving is that you get to design your life into a new home. Now you can use the MagicPlan app to create a 3D image of your home and start decorating virtually. If you weren’t sure where to put your couch or what kinds of DIY projects you may want to take on, MagicPlan will make it super fun to start visualizing before you even move. You’ll just take photographs of each room and then you can start virtually planning out where everything will go by creating your customized floor plan.


Trulia is a great app to use if you are just starting that home search and you’re ready to start looking for available homes on the market. Look for your dream home on Trulia while also getting the scoop on what neighborhoods are like. You’ll find maps of neighborhoods, information on their amenities and price points, video tours of homes, an open house scheduler, and so much more. You’ll also love getting the scoop from locals on a neighborhood’s personality!


Lastly, don’t let your budget get out of control during the move. It’s more important than ever to stick to the budget which is why having a budgeting tool such as the Mint app will keep you organized during this busy time. Mint works to assist you with tracking your finances, by having you link up your bank accounts and keeping track of transactions right on the app. It’s easy to see how well you’re doing with spending and saving by keeping an eye on the graphs and charts from the app.

Don’t let moving get out of control and overwhelm you. Use these top five handy apps to help you plan your move and get everything done on schedule and with ease!

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