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Before Moving in Chicago


Every town has its own personalities and establishments.It has restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, parks, best school for your kids and more.However, there are 7 places that you should always know before moving in Chicago neighborhoods.While you may never need some of these establishments, it’s always best to know these places before before moving in Chicago in case of emergencies.Whether it’s a town over or across the street , in Chicago, IL do some research and figure out where they are.


We hope that we never need medical attention, but you should always know where the local hospital is just in case.On top of that, also know where your local doctor’s office, pharmacy, dentist, etc., are.Being healthy is a top priority to living a happy life.You also never know when an emergency will occur, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Find your local grocery stores.Maybe there’s even a farmer’s market near you!Knowing what’s around you is a great way to save money when buying food.Some stores have certain deals while other have different ones.You should also check out the restaurants around your home.Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and that’s when you want to know where all the good places to eat are.

Emergency Services

This kind of goes along with knowing where the hospital is.On top of that, you should know where the fire department is locates, as well as the police office.You may never need them, but knowing where they are located can give you piece of mind at the very least.

Gas Station

Transportation is important no matter where you live.As most people do drive, it’s smart to know where the local gas stations are.That way, since gas is so expensive nowadays, you can compare and contrast prices and get the best deal.

Public Transit

Chicago is a busy city and one thing all cities have is public transportation.Whether you prefer the bus or the train or have to use one or the other, makes sure you know what to take before you leave the house.It’s a pain trying to decipher Google maps on your phone while you’re onthe bus trying to see each stop or underground where you get no service.


Each state has different driving laws.If you are planning on staying in Illinois after moving from another state, you’re going to have to replace your license.The DMV is where you will need to go to get information about new laws and to apply. List of Chicago DMV Offices


If you have kids, knowing where the schools are in Chicago is one of the most important things.You don’t want to be scrambling the morning of the first day trying to figure out where you need to go to get to the school or where the closest bus stop is.Make life less stressful by being prepared. List of Chicago, IL Public Schools has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

Getting Acquainted With Your Neighbors When Moving in Chicago

Getting  Acquainted With Your Neighbors When Moving
Getting Acquainted With Your Neighbors When Moving

Moving into a new neighborhood in Chicago can be a very dreadful situation, if you do not know anything about that neighborhood. You are surrounded by strangers, in a place that is unfamiliar to you.At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we understand that moving can be a very difficult process, but assimilating into a new area can be just as daunting.Therefore, it is very important that upon arriving in a new location, that you try to get better acquainted with your surroundings.One of the best ways is to make friends, to ease into the transition of moving.

Getting Acquainted With Your Neighbors When Moving in Chicago is significant advantages.Neighbors can help you understand where things are in your neighborhood, where all the entertainment centers are, where to shop, which are the fastest routes of travel, what schools are the best, which areas to avoid and other important information.Beyond these advantages sometimes it can just be nice to have people that you can talk and relate to, and share in exciting new experiences.Meeting new people for the first time though can be a very nervous task, so the following are some helpful ideas to help you get better associated with your neighbors, and assimilate better into your neighborhood.

Attend Neighborhood Events

Attending neighborhood events and getting involved in your community is an excellent way to make new friends and get better familiar with your area.Things like neighborhood watch , city council and other neighborhood socials are a great way to voice your opinion about different aspects of your community and give yourself a more enriching experience.You will meet people, learn about events and become more sociable.

Invite Neighbors to a House Warming Party

Inviting neighbors to a housewarming party can be a great way to introduce yourself.You can impress them with your culinary skills, enjoy a movie, drink wine, and any other enjoyable activity you can think of.House warming parties do not necessarily have to be exactly what was mentioned before, nor do they have to be extravagant events.Simply inviting someone over for lunch is a sufficient way of showing your interest to be more sociable.

Greet New Members

In much the same way that you would like to be treated upon entering a new neighborhood, you should provide the same kindness to newcomers.Invite new neighbors to your house, give them tips and advice about living in the neighborhood in Chicago and make yourself available to them if they ever need any help.This can be a great way of making fast friends, and becoming more at ease with your neighborhood.

In general, making yourself more available to the community, and engaging in more sociable practices with your neighbors, can alleviate any anxiety of being a stranger in a strange land.At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we hope that you can use these tips to become better acquainted with your neighbors and make your moving experience a rewarding one.

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20 Things People Forget When Moving



Through the course of your move, while you are rushing to get organized and get your things in order, your belongings can occasionally be misplaced or forgotten altogether. Amidst all of the chaos, it is therefore important to remain organized, and make sure not to forget critical things that you will need in your new residence. At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we want to make sure that you stay well coordinated in your move so that you don’t leave anything behind. Past moving experience of helping clients move from one location in Chicago, IL to another, we have unfortunately heard individuals have forgotten key items that they have needed later on. Below is a list of the top Items Regularly forgotten during moving process.These items include:

  1. Personal Records - Often times during the moving process, one of the most significant and forgotten items are personal records. Personal records take a decent amount of time to accrue, and should be gotten weeks prior to your move. These include dental records, medical records, veterinarian, and birth certificates.

  2. Valuables - Jewelry and other valuable items are sometimes forgotten as they are usually placed in hidden or well protected areas. Make sure that you have all of your expensive and valuable items packed before you begin your move.

  3. Library Books - This is one is also one of the most forgotten items on the list. Typically people tend not to forget to pack their bookshelves and books, but they do forget that some of these books are library books and are, in fact, due to be returned. Make sure to return all lent and borrowed library books to their proper library.

  4. Dry Cleaning - Dry cleaning is also a very common thing that most people tend to forget while moving, as people leave their clothes at the dry cleaners and forget to pick them up. Make sure that if you have laundry or dry cleaning tickets around you make sure to recover all your clothes and not leave them behind.

  5. Plungers and Toilet Bowl Cleaners - This is an example of another item often forgotten that people forget is theirs and not apart of the home. Plungers and toilet bowl cleaners as well as all other bathroom appliances are necessary in your new home.

  6. Phone Books - Other typically forgotten items are phonebooks and address books. Be sure that you remember to bring your phonebooks with you as you don’t want to leave behind all of your contacts.

  7. Keys - Keys of all kinds can be forgotten during the moving process. This can include old house keys, new house keys, car keys, cabinet keys, safe keys etc. Make sure to recover all of your keys as it will cause you difficulty later on.

  8. Household plants - Household plants are another very common item that is often forgotten. Do not forget your household plants as they will not be properly cared for and watered and will likely wither away in your absence.

  9. Coffee Makers - Often forgotten as if a piece of the abandoned kitchen themselves, many people forget their coffee makers in their old house. Pack you coffee makers or else how else will you wake up in the morning!!!

  10. Gardening Tools - Gardening tools are typically located outside of the home which explains why they are typically forgotten. Hoses, lawnmowers are among the most forgotten items, so be sure you do not forget them when you are preparing for your move.

  11. Microwaves - Another kitchen appliance often thought of as part of the kitchen themselves, and the main reason why it is left behind. A microwave is a significant part of your home and home dining, so be sure not to forget to pack it.

  12. Medicine - Often left in cabinets and closets, medicines are a very important and should not be forgotten. Some prescription medication is needed regularly and forgetting them can be an extreme detriment to your well-being. Be sure not to forget your medicines.

  13. Tools - This refers to all kinds of household tools such as hammers, nails and thing of that nature. Make sure that you collect all of your tools and place them in a tool box that is easy to carry and manage.

  14. Toilet Paper - Arguably the most important item on this list. Do not forget toilet will regret it later.

  15. Mail/Bills - A common mistake people tend to make when moving is to inform the post office of their change of address. Failing to do this will result in your mail being sent to your old address, and you will not be able to get a hold of important bills and other significant mail.

  16. Garage Door Opener - Another example of one of the most forgotten moving items. Garage Door Openers can sometimes be an expensive tool and most people forget to remove their openers to bring to their new residence.

  17. Gym Memberships - In a similar light to mails/bills, most people forget to cancel their gym memberships in their old neighborhoods and still incur the costs associated with membership fees. Be sure to cancel your gym memberships and all other memberships and subscriptions.

  18. Trash and recycle bins - Another group of items people often forget are their trash and recycle bins, as they are located on the outside of the home. Make sure to recover these items, as the new residents will most certainly use them.

  19. Lamps and other lighting equipment - People often forget their lamps and other lighting equipment in the home as well. Make sure that anything that is plugged into an outlet is removed which brings us to the next item...

  20. Chargers and other plug ins - Once again be sure to remove any items plugged into outlets. Chargers especially are important as you cannot use your phone without them.

The Professionals Moving Specialists hope is by showing you this list, and making movers aware of commonly forgotten items, you can become more organized in your move. And if you are looking for a superlative moving company to help you transition into your new residence, be sure to contact The Professionals Moving Specialists, one of the most trusted names in moving. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews