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Free Things To Do In Chicago


The sun is out, the air is warm, and there’s nothing to do.  That’s a lie.  The best part about summer is the abundance of activities available for you, especially the ones that are free.  Chicago, like all the great cities, has her list of summer fun so check them out when you have time.  Who needs TV and air conditioning when you can be having a great time with your family and friends and creating new memories?  Not to mention, all of it is free!  What are you waiting for?

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Part of the Chicago Park District, the Lincoln Park Conservatory is the place to go for all flora lovers.  Inside, the conservatory is split into four houses: the Palm house, Fern House, Orchid House, and Show House.  Each has a different display, some of exotic tropical plants and others of local flora found around the area.  Check out the dates and maybe you’ll even be able to catch one of the many flower shows that are held in the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

Jane Addams Hull House Museum

If history is your thing, the Hull House is a definite place to visit.  Step into the past and experience Jane Addams’ dream of helping the less fortunate.  Go through the house and check out the exhibits.  In Jane Addams’ room, you can find her personal history through pictures and diary entries.  In the gallery, you can see photographs of the house and the surrounding area when it was up and running.  For more information, check out the website:

Dearborn Observatory

For all the stargazers, Dearborn Observatory is opened to the public from 10PM-11PM on Fridays.  However, if you want to guarantee a chance to peer into the telescope and admire the stars, you can reserve a group tour for an hour earlier.  Located on the Evanston campus of Northwestern University, it’s a great place for a twilight stroll before a chance to see the stars.

Dance All Summer

For those more interested in physical activities check out Dance Chicago and the Chicago Summer Dance.  Get free dance lessons at the Park.  Afterwards, join the huge dance party as everyone rocks out to the theme of the night.  Whether it’s swing night or disco night, grab your partner or grab some friends and dance the night away for free.

International Museum of Surgical Science

For something out of the box, check out the International Museum of Surgical Science.  Explore and learn about the history of surgery and be amazed and the latest innovations and discoveries.  DNA science, plastic surgery,  human anatomy; if these are the things that perk your interest, definitely check out IMSS. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews