Why You Need an "Open First" Box When Moving

When you’re packing up the house for the big move, the last thing you are probably thinking about is what it’s going to be like the first time you need to cook a meal or how your morning routine will go in the new place.  That’s because you are likely more focused on completing your packing duties, anticipating the moving crew, and thinking about all of the changes going on in more of the long-term state of mind.

The problem with forgetting to think about the short-term is that you are going to find that you may have some difficulty getting settled in when you first arrive at your new home. The solution to this is packing a box labeled “open first” in order to make the transition a smooth one.

Having a box ready for week one at your new house will make you feel at home much sooner, make it easier to get settled, and it will allow you to take your time on the boxes that aren’t as urgent. Don’t let yourself struggle to find your cookware, shampoo, and dog bowls; pack your “open first” box now.

What to include in your “Open first” box

The best way to handle this box is to think about the items you use most often in each room of your home. How does your day normally begin? You likely start the day with a workout, a shower, getting dressed, and preparing breakfast for the family.

This means that you’ll need easy access to your favorite workout gear, your shower supplies, work clothes, and cookware for preparing breakfast and dinner. Don’t forget that your day actually began in bed, which means a set of sheets is your very first essential. Perhaps an alarm clock, phone charger, and bathroom linens would be a great idea too.

When you get ready each morning, what items do you mindlessly grab that you’d be lost without during week one in the new house? Don’t forget items like your toothbrush, your hairbrush, cosmetics, deodorants, and lotions. If you take any medicine, be sure to include that too. Then make sure you have items like a bath mat, shower curtain, shower gels, and shampoos, as well as toilet paper and hand towels.

When it’s time to cook each morning and evening, you’ll want to be sure you have a few of your main kitchen supplies, like pots and pans, spatulas, plates, and cups. Make sure you bring your essentials seasonings and oils to be able to prepare eggs in the morning or a dish for dinner.

Bring cutlery, serving spoons, mugs, scissors, and containers to put leftovers in. You’ll probably regret forgetting the coffee maker or your favorite tea and be sure to grab a sponge and tablecloth to keep your new kitchen looking great.

Other essentials

Along with your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen essentials, there may be a few other items that would fit perfectly in a box for your arrival at the new home. While you get ready to set up your utilities or locate your lamps, make sure you have a flashlight ready at first. You’ll also want a few of your basic tools, candles, matches, some trash bags, and batteries handy.

When it comes to your kids and your pets, you’ll want to consider their essentials as well. Would your son be lost without his favorite stuffed bear? How will you feed the dogs without their daily food and water bowls? Bring items you would use on a daily basis in your routine now knowing that you’ll be establishing your routine at the new house.

This may also mean you need to pack some games for the kids while you work on setting up your cable TV, your reading glasses and a favorite book, important documents and a list of emergency contacts, and cash available to order a pizza or tip the moving crew.

The most important thing you can do during your residential move is to label your boxes well in order to locate items more easily in your new home. By packing the essentials in a box labeled “open first,” you may find that it’s easier to unpack the rest now that you have your daily essentials right at your fingertips and already in place in the new house. Make sure you grab each family member’s essentials, including the kids, Fido, and of course, yourself. 

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