What Should You Do with All The Bubble Wrap After Moving?

When the move has come to an end and you’re left with cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap everywhere, what in the world do you do with all of this stuff? You may find it easy to throw out the packing tape and recycle your cardboard boxes to a friend or recycling program, but what about that bubble wrap?

Some people simply throw it away, but it does feel awfully wasteful. There are actually a lot of great ideas to avoid wasting all of that bubble wrap and it will allow you to buy it for the move with the peace of mind that you’ll have reasons to use it later. Take a look at these ideas for reusing your bubble wrap after your move.

Give it away or recycle

Do you have a friend that is getting ready to move after you? Perhaps a neighbor has a moving sign in their yard and may be the perfect person to offer your once used bubble wrap. Giving it away to someone that could use it will not only reduce your waste, but will allow them to save money on buying it brand new. Put up a listing on Craigslist under the “free” category to let people know that they can collect your once used packing supplies so that it doesn’t go to waste.

On the other hand, recycle centers can take your bubble wrap if you don’t have any takers. While you can’t recycle it from your own curb, you can take it to a local recycling center and donate it just as you would grocery bags or dry-cleaning bags.

Go shopping

Do you ever buy something at the grocery store that you wish you had a way to protect it getting it home? Sometimes the simplest of items would be much easier to transport with some bubble wrap, such as produce and food in glass jars.

Start taking bubble wrap to the grocery store to protect your glass condiment jars, your mason jars for canning, your fruits and vegetables, and items that you don’t want to spill onto others. You may even find that protecting your fruits and vegetables at the store, in the car, and in the fridge at home will allow your food to stay cold, avoiding bruising one another, and even stay fresher for longer.

Around the house

There are some great uses for the bubble wrap to be used around the house when you are done unpacking from the move. During the winter months, you’ll find that your outdoor potted plants can’t stay well-protected from the freezing cold air.

When you use your bubble wrap to line the sides of the pot before planting your soil and flowers, the plant is less likely to freeze and die. Just leave a hole at the bottom to allow the plant to drain, and feel good about the smart reusability of your bubble wrap.

You’ll also find it handy for mailing packages to friends on birthdays or lining your windows in the winter for some extra insulation. Simply store the bubble wrap in an extra closet and when the perfect occasion comes up, you’ll be glad you saved it.

Sometimes a home renovation or special project will give you the perfect reason to pull some out. You may want to even use some of it as a fun stress-reliever as you unpack your new home, since studies show that popping bubble wrap releases muscle tension and nerves.

Don’t allow that bubble wrap to go to waste after the move. Use these tips to reuse or recycle your bubble wrap.

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