Weekly Moving Tips: Proper Organization During Your Move

Understanding the ins and outs of moving isn't always easy. You are not a professional mover, so you don't handle moving on a regular basis. However, there are some ways you can make your move easier.

Proper organization during your move will make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to help you with organizing an easier, hassle-free move.

Label Everything

Every box you pack should be labeled. This doesn't mean just writing the word "Kitchen" on the box. Instead, write the room the box belongs in and a short list of items in the box.

When you arrive at your new home, properly labeled boxes will make it easier to unpack. You will be able to put the boxes in the right rooms and in the right area of the room before you start unpacking. You will also know what's in each box, so you will know what to unpack first.

Color Coding Helps

Whether you choose to go with color coded dot stickers or different colored markers, color coding makes the unpacking process easier and faster. When you use a different color for each room, you don't even have to look at what the words say to know where it's going. This will make unloading a breeze.

Load the Truck by Room

When you color code, you can easily instruct your movers to load the truck by room. This makes it easier to unpack everything when they arrive, which may save you time and money.

Use Checklists

Before you start packing, you may want to create a few checklists to ensure you do everything as organized as possible. You may want a checklist for how to pack your moving boxes, a list of the colors you used for each room and any other checklist you need to keep you organized.

It's also a good idea to create a checklist/inventory of all the boxes you packed. This can be as simple as listing how many boxes you packed with a specific color for each room. Then, when you arrive and the movers unload your boxes, you will be able to count each room quickly to ensure nothing was left behind.

Stock up on Supplies

Often, when we move, we underestimate how much stuff we have. We get halfway through packing and realize we have to stop because we ran out of boxes, tape and other supplies.

Make sure you stock up on moving supplies so that you can easily pack everything before moving day.

Pack Boxes to Travel with You

Another part of organization during your move is packing specific boxes to travel with you. This should include any pictures and documents you cannot replace or need for the trip, an overnight box or bag in case of an emergency and anything else you feel should travel with you.

If you are planning your move, use these tips to help you stay organized. Not only will it make it easier to pack up your things and get them unpacked at your new home, but it will also make things easier on the movers.

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