Top Ways to Feel At Home in Your New Chicago Apartment

Sometimes apartment living can leave you longing for something that feels more like your own. Living in an apartment means that you are renting the unit from someone else, paying a monthly rent in exchange for a place to live that isn’t truly yours.

You have to follow the rules of living there, such as restrictions on decorating, no say on the finishes used throughout, and rules on areas like pet ownership and parking. It can get tiring to play by someone else’s rules, but luckily, there are hundreds of ways to make your Chicago apartment feel like you are right at home.

You won’t remember you are living in someone else’s building when you bring these touches into your space while overlooking downtown from your balcony. Take a look at these easy ways to feel right at home in your new apartment.

Start unpacking

The best way to start is to begin unpacking the larger items, including furniture, lamps, plants, and artwork. Getting these items approximately where you envision them living will help to start put the room together. You’ll feel less like you’re in someone else’s house and more like this blank slate is starting to look like home. Choose a place for all of the big items so that the little items can start to be unpacked next.

Put on some music

What better way to bring some joy into the unpacking process than to put on some of your favorite songs that you listen to no matter where you are each day? Putting on familiar music will not only make this feel like home, but it will reduce stress while you unpack all of your belongings.

Choose a room to unpack first

You may get overwhelmed with all of the packing that needs to be done, but starting with one room at a time will make it a breeze. You may find it easiest to have your kitchen unpacked so that you can begin cooking and bringing in familiar scents to your home, or you may find that it’s easiest to have an unpacked bathroom where you can start your day off right before exploring your new city.

For others, having the bedroom unpacked will allow for total relaxation while the rest of the apartment will all fall into place. Choose one room to completely setup and you’ll find that it’s easier to handle the rest while feeling at home and at peace in the room that’s done.

Bring out an item from home

What items makes you feel at home the most? Perhaps it’s a family photo, a piece of art, a favorite lamp, or jewelry box that was given to you as a gift. Whichever items come from home, choose one to setup first. Sometimes seeing a cherished, familiar item on display will allow you to feel more comfortable and reminisce in this new apartment.

Setup the bathroom and make the bed

Even if you’ve only set up your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your bathroom is mostly put together and your bed is made. You’ll feel more setup for success knowing that your bed is ready to sleep in and you’ll be able to take a shower in the morning.

Locate that shower curtain, bathroom towels, soaps, hair dryer, and bath mats to setup your bathroom, and then make your bed right away. Having this all ready to go will allow you to get back to your routine while you continue to unpack slowly but surely.

Host a party and relax

Now it’s time to bring friends and family into the new home so that you can start to feel like it’s yours and the place where friends and family will start picturing you at. Have a dinner party and your friends are likely to bring you a housewarming gift to enjoy in the new place. Then after the party, relax on your couch with a favorite movie and enjoy a glass of wine while you get used to your new, beautiful home.

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