Top Things Most Commonly Forgotten During a Move

When you move, it will become stressful and you may forget a few things. It's even worse if the move comes suddenly and you didn't have time to prepare. With more than 30 million people moving every single year, it's no surprise that some things get forgotten or left behind. You're not alone, but if you're aware of some of the most commonly forgotten things during a move, maybe you won't forget them.

Things Borrowed by Neighbors

Maybe the easiest and most commonly forgotten thing from any move is anything you let your neighbors borrow. If you loaned out a weed whacker, for example, and you're moving in the winter, you may not think about it because it has been a while since you needed it.

The best thing you can do to avoid moving without items you let neighbors borrow is to keep an inventory of the things you own and loaned out. Make sure it includes anything you've stored with friends or neighbors, as well.

Anything Packed Last

You may think your packing system is perfect because you plan to pack the microwave or coffee maker last. However, these items can be forgotten because they are left until last. Make sure you remember to pack these final items and triple check before you completely vacate your old home or apartment.


Believe it or not, many people forget their pets (at least at first) when they move. Cats and dogs have both been left behind because people get so caught up in the stress of moving. Make sure you have a plan for your pets and either move them first or kennel them while you're moving, if possible.

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Anything in a Crawlspace or Attic

It may not happen quite as often as some of the other things on this list, but people often forget to pack and move an entire attic or crawlspace. The things they store here have been there for so long, they may not even think about them, especially if they have to move in a hurry.

Toilet Paper

This isn't an item people forget to pack when they are moving, but one they forget to leave handy during the move. Make sure you leave out some toilet paper and even if you leave it behind it's not a big deal. However, if you need to go and you don't have any paper, it can become a rather big deal.

Other commonly forgotten items and mistakes during moving include:

  • Losing packing tape often
  • Packing cleaning supplies and tools too soon
  • Leaving charging cords for electronics behind
  • Leaving food in the fridge
  • Forgetting countertop appliances

Items often get left behind during a move, especially a move happening suddenly. One of the best ways to ensure items don't get left behind is to hire a professional moving company to not only move your items, but also pack them up for you. This allows you to concentrate on double and triple checking to ensure everything gets packed and nothing is left behind.

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