Top 10 Supplies You Need for Moving

Whenever you decide it's time to move, you need specific supplies to make the move easier. Whether you're a student moving into a new apartment or dorm room or you need to move your family across county to a big city, such as Chicago for work, the right tools will make moving much easier. Here are seven of the top supplies you should have ready when it's time to move.


Labeling your boxes is one of the best ways to make packing and unpacking easier. Whether you choose a fancy label maker or you simply use markers, you need some type of tool and system for labeling.

It's best if all of the boxes going to the kitchen are labeled in one color, while all of the boxes going to the other areas of the house all have their own color, as well. This makes it easy to spot which boxes need to go where when unloading the truck.

Clear Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are one of the best things you can have around when packing for a move, according to ( Before you start packing go to the store and get a few boxes in different sizes. They will come in handy when keep small items together, especially is you need to disassemble pieces of furniture.

Bubble Wrap, Boxes and Other Packing Materials

Of course, you need the right boxes, bubble wrap and packing materials for your items. A professional moving company will use specific boxes designed to transport items, such as flat screen TVs, dishes, aquariums, fine art and other fragile items. If you plan to handle packing on your own, you need to use the same type of boxes. You cannot trust just any old box and expect your items to arrive undamaged. Make sure you get the proper boxes before you start packing. We recommend you try Chicago Green Boxes as they are eco-friendly, sturdy, and reliable.

Chicago Green Boxes
Chicago Green Boxes

Furniture Sliders

When you're doing the moving on your own, furniture sliders come in handy. They help you move large pieces of furniture without scratching the floor and without needing to lift the item the entire way.

Hand Truck

A hand truck will make moving heavy items much easier. You can also move multiple boxes at one time making the number of trips you need much less. If you're taking on the move by yourself, a hand truck is a vital tool for your move.


Moving furniture isn't easy, but with dollies it becomes easier. In most cases, dollies will give you the ability to roll a piece of heavy furniture to the moving truck.

Proper Transportation

Whenever you move, you need the right type of transportation. Without the right type of moving truck, you may not be able to move all of your items safely or in one trip.

Lifting Straps

It may be worth renting some lifting straps, also known as moving straps, if you plan to move heavy objects. These straps will help with weight distribution and make lifting easier.

Furniture Pads, Plastic Wrap and other Moving Supplies

You may also need to get the right furniture pads, plastic wrap and other items to help protect your belonging, while in transit.

A Professional Moving Company

The final tool you need for a successful move is a professional moving company. If you hire the right company to handle your move, you won't need to worry about any of the other tools. Not only will they transport your items, but they will also pack and unpack for you. Even if you do the packing yourself, you will be able to get all the right packing boxes and materials from the moving company you hire.

The Pro Move
The Pro Move

These essential tools are necessary if you want to ensure your move is successful. It doesn't matter if you're just moving across town or if you need to move across the country, the right tools will make the process easier. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews