The Top 3 Ways a Professional Mover Protects Your Items in a Move

Are you worried about your items getting damaged during your upcoming move? Even with professional movers, things can get damaged. The good news about hiring a professional moving crew is that the chances are slim to none due to all of the protections put in place to protect your stuff.

For example, movers will cover your banisters and railings before attempting to bring items downstairs, just to be sure things aren’t getting scratched up. Take a look at the top three ways that your professional mover will protect your items and your home during your move.

They are used to tight spaces

One of the concerns that many families have with their move is that they have a lot of stuff that needs to be moved through tight quarters, whether that’s a staircase, a tight hallway, or your new tiny apartment downtown. It’s hard to fit yourself through these tight quarters sometimes, which means it’s going to be even harder to get your stuff through these spaces.

The good news is that your professional movers have done it all and moving through small spaces is just part of the job. You can count on your movers to be prepared for any size space and to protect your items in any situation, by being experienced in weaving through tight quarters to having techniques to make sure your items and your house don’t suffer from damage.

They have the strength, equipment, and attire

Part of the job is being physically strong, being prepared with the right equipment, and wearing the right clothes for success. The first step to a successful moving day is for the moving company to send strong movers that are wearing proper clothing, which means they don’t have any large zippers or loose chains that could scratch a wall or household goods.

Next, they’ll be bringing the proper equipment for a successful move that you wouldn’t have if you were to do try it on your own. That means they’ll have floor protection, furniture dollies, stair protection, and protection for walls, hallways, and door jams such as furniture pads and maybe even matadoors. In addition, you can hire extra movers to be your inside movers so that your outside and inside movers can keep your home from dirt or moisture from bad weather.

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Of course, your movers will take a pre-move survey to determine the amount of stuff being moved and the approximate weight in order to bring a large enough truck for the moving day.

They bring the right details

Lastly, your movers will take care of all of the details you wouldn’t think of to make sure your move goes smoothly and damage-free. When you have the movers pack your home for you, they’ll pack things correctly and safely to ensure optimum security during transit. When you pack the house yourself, you may be taking your best guess at how to protect your items safely while ending up with broken dishes or book covers when you unpack in your new home.

They’ll also take care of the little details, such as protecting the banisters and railings during the move, bringing carpet mask for your carpeted stairs, bringing cardboard to protect walls, and having the experience to know the proper way to stack your boxes in the truck for lowering the chance of damage and maximizing space.

If you’re worried about damage during your upcoming move, rest easy knowing that your professional movers will bring these top three things with them to protect your belongings during your move. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews