Proper Lifting Techniques Used by Professional Movers

When you hire The Professionals Moving Specialists, you don't have to worry using proper lifting techniques. Professional movers know how to use the right techniques to avoid injury and to get the job done quickly. Here's a look at some of the proper lifting techniques professional movers use when moving a home or business.

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Start with a Plan

Putting together a plan for moving is vital to the success of the move. Before anything is lifted and moved into the truck on moving day, it's important to have a plan. Professional movers do this every single day and they always take the time to have a plan before they lift one single item.

Stretching before Lifting

It's important to stretch before lifting. If you were to go to the gym, you'd likely stretch as a part of your warm up before you start your full workout. Lifting is much like a workout and stretching first goes a long way to prevent injury.

Know What You're Lifting

Professional movers are very experienced and they don't move something without knowing what they are lifting. Even if it's boxed up, they know what's in the box; if it's fragile and how heavy the item is before they try to lift it.

Using the Proper Stance

Moving anything heavy requires the right stance before lifting. An athletic stance with your feet shoulder width apart is best. One foot should be just a bit further forward than the other, as well.

Bending with Your Knees, not Your Back

The fastest way to become injured is to lift with your back. This would be the wrong lifting technique. Professional movers will bend at the knees to protect their back. In addition, they will keep their back straight, shoulders back, chest out and eyes ahead while they are lifting and moving heavy objects.

Not in a Hurry

While professional movers want to get the job done on time, they won't be in a hurry when lifting and moving items into the truck or out of the truck. Instead, they will take the proper amount of time to move everything safely without injury to themselves or harming your precious possessions.

In addition, professional movers slowly lift with their legs as they keep their back straight during the process. By lifting slowly, movers can help to prevent injury, which could lead to harming your things.

Take Small Steps and Communicate

When you hire professional movers for your residential move, you will notice they take small steps when moving heavy items. They will also communicate with each other to ensure items are moved properly without injury. It's especially important to communicate when two people are moving a larger object together.

Moving can be dangerous. Without the proper lifting techniques, trying to move on your own could lead to injury. At the very least, you'll end up rather exhausted. There's no reason to risk it. Hire a professional moving company for your move and you'll ensure all your items are lifted and moved with the proper techniques. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews