How to Move Aquariums, Trees, and Other Odd Possessions

Moving an aquarium isn't always an easy task. It can be difficult to move something so bulky, fragile and odd. This is just one of the many odd items you may have to move. The best way to ensure your aquarium or any other odd item shows up at your new place in great shape is to hire a professional moving company. They will not only provide the right equipment for moving odd items, but they will also bring experience. Here are a few tips to help with moving aquariums and other odd items.


While a large aquarium may help make your new home look great, it won't provide much benefit if broken into pieces in your moving truck. Hiring a professional mover will ensure it shows up intact.

If you're packing the aquarium yourself, get boxes designed for mirror glass. These can be purchased from your moving company and will help protect the glass of your aquarium.

Indoor Trees

A large indoor tree may be the perfect decor, but it's not easy to move. The limbs are fragile, the leaves may wilt easily and the tree is awkward to move. Keeping it in great condition, while moving, means you need to maintain the environment the tree is used to as well as you can. You can wrap the tree in dampened newsprint to help protect the leaves, as well.

Large Mirrors

First, use decorators tape and "mask" your mirror. Create a large "X", followed by 4 smaller X's within each triangle created by the larger one. This holds it together in case it shatters, and also allows the mirror to be more flexible. Next, use lots of bubble wrap followed by a thick blanket around the mirror. Use cardboard to create a custom crate for the mirror and make sure to tape it all and secure it. Or, leave that up to The Professionals.

moving large mirrors
moving large mirrors

Arcade Games and Pinball Machines

Arcade games and pinball machines are perfect for making your home the mecca for friends to hang out and have fun. However, they are not easy to move and a professional mover should be used for these delicate machines. One wrong move and you could end up with a cracked screen or a mechanism not working properly anymore.

If you're doing the packing yourself, make sure you wrap the machines in blankets or moving pads very well. You want to gently tape down the ends so they stay in place without damaging the machine. It's best to let the moving company you hire handle the packing. They will ensure your machine doesn't move around while in transit.

Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

They may seem like an easy thing to move; after all they are just cardboard. However, cardboard cutouts can easily be damaged during a move. To avoid damage, make sure you protect your cutout properly. Using a mattress carton or packing a cardboard cutout between the box springs and your mattress, loaded vertically, is a great way to keep it protected.

Tanning Beds

Maybe you have your own tanning bed and you want to take it with you. It won't be easy to move without a professional moving company. It's a bulky item and requires special care.

You will need to find a box large enough for it or tape multiple boxes together to get it packed. You should also use plenty of padding to ensure you don't have to fix anything when the bed arrives at your new destination.

All of these items are a bit odd and not easy to move. Professional moving companies provide experience with moving aquariums, tanning beds and other odd items. If you own something odd and you want to make sure it arrives in good condition, hire a professional and let them take care of packing and moving your items.

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