Make Sure you Don't Get Scammed by a Moving Company

Have you ever heard of people getting scammed by their moving company? You don’t want to find yourself in this nightmare. Moving is already a stressful time and you want a professional moving company that you can count on.

Most companies would try to help make the process a smooth one, but you may come across a company that is out to scam you. Watch out for cheap ads on Craigslist, book a company early and thoughtfully, and be sure you know what to do in the event that you are in a bad situation like this. Take a look at some ways to avoid being scammed on your upcoming move.

Warning signs to watch for

A good place to start is to make sure you are as organized and rested as possible, in order to avoid being taken advantage of while you’re feeling frazzled and vulnerable. Look for warning signs and be on guard for the possibility that they come up.

Look out for deals that are too good to be true, such as a Craiglist offer that sells moving services for way too cheap. Many times a scam will occur when the price is offered too low and then a contingency comes up causing a price increase, such as stairs or a long loading route. When you have to make an agreement verbally rather than on paper, you may find yourself fighting with the movers at your destination with your belongings being withheld from you without further payment.

How to spot a winner of a company

Avoid any signs of a bad moving company and trust professional movers with a great reputation in town or online. Look for online reviews with great credibility and positive feedback, while being realistic if you think a company looks too good to be true with a perfect rating.

When you choose a company that seems trustworthy, call them for information on handling your upcoming moving. You should get to work with a moving coordinator or a manager that will oversee the move. While some issues could come up that can’t be avoided, your move coordinator should be your point person to help when an unforeseeable situation comes up.

Having a coordinator means that someone is being updated when an issue pops up, such as not having a key to get into the new home or furniture not fitting through the door. If a company offers this service, you can likely feel at ease, while one that doesn’t offer this service should make you remain watchful for any red flags.

Tips for prevention

While being scammed by a moving company can happen to anyone, it’s helpful to take a few precautions. Along with seeking out a company with good reviews and a great reputation in town, watching out for offers too good to be true, and considering avoiding any companies that don’t provide moving coordinators, consider booking early when there are still many choices available to you. You won’t fall for deals too good to be true and you’ll have time to build a relationship with a company before it’s time to move.

If you get a bad feeling from a company or find communication is lacking, it may be time to look for someone else. Does the company live up to promises, such as getting you a timely estimate and contacting you when they said they would? If you hire this company, remember that they will be handling your precious belongings and you’re trusting them with the safety and efficiency of the process.

While you may have to pay a deposit for the move, watch out for companies that ask for full payment in advance or a really large deposit. A small deposit lost by moving to a new company is worth it if you feel uncomfortable with a company, but a large deposit or full payment would show signs of a company not worth dealing with.

If you find yourself in a scamming situation, make sure you have a manager’s name and contact information that you can reach if something goes wrong. Sign a contract that lists the minimum value protection for you the customer, and a way to declare the value of your items. Then if something were to happen, you could take them to court with documented proof, as well as talk to the Better Business Bureau. Of course, a social media blasting will make this company look bad and will warn others to avoid them.

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