How to Store Your Car in Chicago During the Winter

Moving to Chicago may be necessary for a new job opportunity. If you're planning to relocate to Chicago or you recently moved to the city, you may be concerned about how you will handle storing your car for the winter. This is especially true if you own a convertible or a sports car you don't plan to drive again until spring. Storing your car during the Chicago winter might seem tricky, but there are plenty of options available to you. Here are a few of the best ways to handle this situation after moving to Chicago.

A Heated Storage Garage

Many storage companies throughout the Chicago area offer heated storage for vehicles. Sometimes, this is referred to as "climate-controlled" storage and it's the best choice for those looking to store a convertible or a sports car.

Some of the fluids in a vehicle can freeze during Chicago winters. However, if you choose a heated garage for storage, you won't have to worry as much.

Covered Parking

If there is any possibility you will drive the vehicle during the winter, covered parking may be a better option for you. While your vehicle won't be protected from the cold, it will be protected from the snow and ice. You will need to winterize the vehicle by checking the fluids and flushing any fluids that could freeze.

Specialty Sports Car Storage

Some companies throughout Chicago offer storage for sports cars, such as Ferrari’s. They may offer in and out services to allow you to drive your vehicle whenever you want. Another big plus of a specialty storage company is the battery tender service and other mechanical services they may offer.

This type of car storage in Chicago won't be inexpensive and can run as much as $250 per month or more. However, you will usually have options to make sure your vehicle remains in good, running condition all throughout the winter. You won't have to worry about a dead battery come spring if you choose the right specialty storage company.

Outside Parking

Of course, you can always park your vehicle in a long-term outside parking facility. This will be the least expensive of the car storage options and will probably require a good car cover, along with full winterizing of the vehicle. However, if your budget is tight, outside parking may be the right solution.

A Private/Friend's Garage

Many Chicago residents will rent out garage space of their own for winter car storage. If you can find a good place near where you live, this may be a good option. Of course, it's even better if the private garage happens to be owned by someone you know.

While there are plenty of options for car storage during the winter in Chicago, some of the best options fill up fast. It's important to make sure your vehicle is winterized if it won't be stored in a heated garage. Make sure you go through all of the steps to winterize your vehicle or you may discover major issues come spring.

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