How to Move a Grandfather Clock

Do you have an upcoming move and you’re wondering how you are going to safely move that beautiful Grandfather clock of yours? Now is the time to learn how this process will go so that you can be prepared during the moving process.

This is not something you should move alone, as it is a delicate item that should be handled by professionals with experience. It will require everything from removing the weights and pendulum to reinstalling the access panels. It’s not an easy job and it’s one that should be done carefully. Take a look at how the moving of your Grandfather clock will go for your upcoming move.

How the process will go

The movers that you hire will first need to open the side access window to start the process. They will provide packing materials to protect each aspect of the clock with the first one being to protect the weights and the cables. They will likely put tension on the cables to properly wrap everything to begin. If your clock doesn’t have a cable, but rather chains, they will need to secure the chains to avoid them coming off of the sprocket.

After that, your professional movers will remove the weights and pendulum. This step requires gloves and markings to ensure that everything is put back into place properly at the new house. The weights will then be packaged carefully to avoid denting the brass casings. Then, the pendulum can be removed gently, wrapped in packing paper, and packed carefully for transport.

Next, the movers will need to reinstall the access panels to avoid the windows coming out during the move before locking the door and proceeding. Once everything inside has been handled, your movers will wrap your clock and protect the furniture with a queen-sized comforter. The blanket will be taped and then prepared to be moved onto the truck. Once loaded properly on the truck, the movers would then take it to the new home and unload it.


Why it’s important to hire a professional moving crew

Moving a delicate and important item like your grandfather clock is not a simple task and it’s not worth taking a risk by attempting it yourself. It is not only a beautiful item you own, but it’s likely very valuable to you. It’s important that you consider these facts before trying to move something like this yourself. That’s where a professional mover (that's us!) comes in and brings their knowledge, expertise, and experience to do the job right.

They will have the proper gloves and tools to wrap and disassemble various parts of the clock without causing any damage in the teardown and moving process. They will also properly wrap and move items that have been removed while being able to carefully re-secure these items or provide them to you at delivery.

With all of the experience and knowledge that a professional moving company has, it only makes sense to trust them with the simplest of items in your home to the most valuable items like your grandfather clock. Don’t try to do it yourself and hurt the clock or yourself; instead, hire a professional mover to do the job efficiently and carefully from start to finish. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews