How Much Does it Cost to Move Fine Art?

Moving fine art isn't the same as moving a couch or another large item. It's fragile, may be very valuable and needs to be moved properly. Since this type of item is rather unique, it cannot be lumped into the moving estimate with all the other items. Fine art, such as paintings, sculptures, collector's items, chandeliers, statues and pictures requires a professional moving company capable of moving the type of item you own. The cost may vary widely, depending on the item or items you need moved. Here are some of the considerations a professional moving company will make when quoting a price for moving fine art.

The Value of the Art

If you plan to insure the fine art during the move, the value will make a big difference in the price. You may need to pay for an appraisal before the item is moved to ensure its value is correct. More valuable pieces are more expensive to move simply because they will cost more to replace if damaged or lost.

The Size of the Art

Size is another huge factor. It's not going to be the same price to move a simple 24" x 36" painting compared to a 300-pound statue. The larger the item is, the more you can expect to pay to have it moved, especially if the larger size means more weight.

With heavier items, moving companies may need to bring out special equipment or staff an additional mover to ensure the move is handled properly. This will cost more and just one extra mover can up the hourly rate by $75 or more per hour.

Moving Fine Art
Moving Fine Art

How Fragile is the Art

Fragile art requires special packing materials and a specific strategy for moving. For example, if you have a highly valuable chandelier you need moved made of crystal, it will probably cost more than moving a painting. The chandelier may be large, oddly shaped and incredibly fragile, while the painting can simply be crated and moved.

If you own very fragile fine art, you should expect the cost of moving it to be much higher compared to moving a handful of valuable paintings. While all fine art must be handled with care, fragile items require an even higher level of care.

Benefit of Hiring a Professional to Move Fine Art

While it's very hard to narrow down even a simple price range for moving fine art, there are several benefits to hiring a professional moving company to handle your fine art. The benefits include:

  • Safety - Professional movers know what they are doing and you will no longer be risking yourself when moving.
  • Less chance of Damage - With a professional moving company, your fine art will be packed properly leaving the chances of damage at slim to none.
  • Saves you Time - You no longer have to spend the time tracking down the right materials and packing the art yourself.
  • Affordable - Usually, the cost of moving fine art is far more affordable than trying to handle it yourself.

The cost of moving fine art will vary widely, depending on what needs to be moved. Just as art can be very subjective, so can the estimate for moving it. If you need to move fine art, it's best to get an estimate from a professional moving company specializing in fine art moving. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews