6 Easy Meals for Students During a Move

Moving is a hassle and even when you hire movers, all of the things going along with moving take up time. As a student, you may just want to grab fast food, but when you’re moving, that may also require a trip outside of your apartment. Student moving isn’t always so easy and hunger sets in right in the middle of packing or preparing something else. Of course, if you have movers come and pack for you, this becomes much easier. However, if you’re packing everything for the movers, you may need some quick and easy meals to make. Here are six great meal choices students can easily throw together and have ready when they get hungry during a move.


Chili is an easy meal to make in one spot on the stovetop or in a crockpot. The best thing is you can choose whichever recipe you want, throw all the ingredients in the crockpot and just let it cook. Then, it's ready for you whenever you're ready for it.

Stews and Soups

Of course, stews and soups fit with the same type of cooking process as chili. You can simply create the recipe in your crockpot or a pot on the stove and you can just let it cook all day. In fact, the longer you let a soup cook, the better the flavor usually is and you can even keep the leftovers for another day.

Grill Meals

If you have a charcoal grill, gas grill or even an electric skillet, pack it up last. This will allow you to create meals on the grill without much issue. You can easily grill up meats or vegetables and make a great meal without having to worry about using pots or pans, which you may already have packed up.

Stir Fry

The best part about cooking a stir fry when you're moving is the fact that you can use just about any ingredient in your fridge. If you have fresh or frozen vegetables, throw them in with a sauce and some type of meat and you're all set. It's best served over rice, which can be cooked very fast in the microwave making this a very healthy and fast meal for moving.


A very easy solution to meal time when moving is sandwiches. You can use cold deli meats to make sandwiches or you can make pulled pork, sloppy joe or pulled chicken in your crockpot. If you go the route of the hot sandwich in the crockpot, it can sit in the crock pot all day on low and you can eat whenever you're ready.

Sometimes, students have sandwich presses or grill appliances that work great for making a hot sandwich. If this is the case, keep it out and you can use it to make hot sandwiches with meat, cheese, veggies and more.


Of course, the tried and true for moving day and days leading up to moving is ordering a pizza. If you want to be a bit more adventurous and have some fun with it, you can make your own and it can even be done on the grill. Just do an internet search for "grilling pizza" and you will find all kinds of great recipes.

There are several easy and healthy things you can make during the weeks leading up to moving and even the day of the move. Crockpot meals are excellent because they can stay warm all day and your family can eat when you're hungry instead of having to stop and prepare a meal. Even if you have movers coming your way, you will need to eat. Use these meals to make your moving day food needs easier.

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