4 Reasons a Professional Piano Mover is the Right Choice

Moving a piano is stressful, especially if it's older or very heavy. Most pianos require at least two people just to move them from one room to another in the same house. Whenever you have a piano that needs moved, you should hire a professional mover. You may be trying to keep your move as cheap as possible, but damaging your expensive piano in the process won't help. Here are four of the top reasons why you should always hire a professional piano mover.

Avoid Injury and Damage

Pianos are very heavy and often come in unique shapes. They are not easy to move, especially if there are stairs involved. If you try to take on moving your piano yourself, you are putting both the piano and yourself in danger.

It doesn't take much for the piano to slip out of your hands and end up chasing you down the stairs. Of course, if you don't lift properly, you could throw out your back sending you to the hospital. Even if you manage not to injure yourself, if the piano slips out of your hands, it could become damaged.

Some pianos weigh more than 1,000 pounds. If you don't have a team of 4 to 6 very strong men, you may not be able to lift the piano and move it properly. This could easily lead to injury or damage.

A professional piano mover will not only provide the man power necessary, but they will also provide a team of men used to working with each other. They will use professional techniques to ensure the piano and the workers remain unharmed throughout the process.

Proper Moving Truck

Not all moving vehicles are equipped to handle a heavy piano. When you hire a professional mover for your piano, they will use the proper truck and equipment. They will provide padding for your piano to ensure it doesn't become damaged and it survives any unforeseen road hazards.

Moving the piano on your own may not provide you with the same type of protection. You might not be able to find the right truck or tie downs to ensure your piano isn't damaged during the trip. Even if you find the proper truck, if you don't pack it into the truck properly, you could end up damaging the piano if you hit a pothole.

Saves You Money

It would seem like you would save money by not hiring a professional piano mover. However, if you damage the piano legs, pins or strings, you will have to have it tuned. When it's all said and done, moving the piano yourself may end up costing you more in the end than hiring a professional moving company.

Worth the Cost

Moving a piano from one place to another may seem expensive, but it's well worth the money. You won't have to ask friends to help you and you won't have to waste your time moving the heavy piano all day long. Instead, you will have a professional taking care of it for you while you sit back and relax.

Moving a piano is a hassle. It's not an easy job for those without experience. If you have a piano you need to move, leave it to a professional piano mover. This will make it much easier to ensure you avoid injury and damage to the piano.

Chicago Piano Movers - The Professionals
Chicago Piano Movers - The Professionals
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