4 Moving Myths to be Aware of

Some of the people you know will tell you that moving is a bad idea. They think it's too expensive, it's too much work and it's easier just to stay put. However, the best things in life require work and moving may lead to some great things for you. If you have dreams of living in a big city, such as Chicago, you might be preparing for a move. If this is the case, don't let naysayers sway you with their many myths. They will try to tell you that hiring a moving company is a bad idea and you can just do it all yourself, but have you ever really moved an entire home yourself. It's quite a bit of heavy lifting, logistics and not a fun experience.

Don't let other people sway you when you decide you want to move. Whether you're just moving across town or you're moving across the country, you should be aware of some of the common myths about moving.

The Best Day to Move is Friday

One of the biggest rumors out there is moving on Fridays is the best choice, according to realtor.com (http://www.realtor.com/advice/move/moving-myths/). Some say moving on Friday is the right choice because you have all weekend to unpack. While this is true, the weekends are also the busiest time for moving companies. Add in warmer weather and you may just find the prices are high and the movers are booked.

Free Boxes Work Great

We all want to save money and score a deal. However, using free boxes for your move may not be a great idea. You should never go cheap on the boxes, since they will protect your belongings. While you don't have to buy your boxes directly from the moving company you hire, it's usually a good idea. They will carry boxes for all different types of items, such as flat screen TVs, wine glasses and many other items.

Any Old Moving Company Will Do

Another huge myth you might hear about moving is that hiring any moving company will work just fine. However, when you hire a professional moving company compared to a fly-by-night operation, it may be the difference between hidden charges, high prices, theft, loss of good or damage. If you want to receive your goods and pay a fair price, you need to read the reviews, compare prices and hire a moving company with a solid reputation.

Moving Insurance will Cover it

Moving insurance is a good thing, but it's not going to cover you fully. Professional movers will explain their basic liability and what the insurance will cover if something is lost or damaged. Make sure you understand fully what is covered before you go ahead with the move. If you feel like you will need a full value moving insurance policy, you may need to use a third part or request this type of policy from the movers.

There are several moving myths you have to be careful of as others try to sway you not to move. Most people are comfortable where they are and some are simply afraid to every step out of that comfort zone. Don't let moving horror stories or myths change your mind.

The Professionals Moving Specialists
The Professionals Moving Specialists
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