4 Common Moving Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Dented walls from moving out furniture, broken dishes from improper packing, not being able to find anything because you didn’t label your boxes, and not getting proper insurance when you need to file a claim are all moving day disasters.

Are you guilty of making these moving mistakes in the past? You don’t want to be that person that realizes you skipped Moving 101 by forgetting to find out about these things in advance. When you want to have an easy moving experience, make sure you start by learning what not to do so that you can focus on what you should be doing. Take a look at the four common moving disasters that happen to families and how you can avoid them so that the big move is a successful one.

Forgetting to hire the moving company soon enough

The first rookie mistake that families make is trying to hire a local moving company at the last minute because they procrastinated. This is a classic moving mistake because you have so much to do that you are bound to procrastinate on something.

You should be planning ahead at least by one month if not more, especially when it comes to hiring your professional moving crew. This is the team that is going to protect your items during the move, make sure everything is moved efficiently on moving day and makes sure you are covered for things like where the truck will park to unload your belongings and how you will move those house plants without killing them.

Your professional moving crew will walk you through the whole process from where to get moving boxes to what time of day you should move out. If you do this last minute, you could have a crew that doesn’t know how to properly protect antiques, doesn’t call ahead to make sure a truck can fit on the street you’re moving to, shows up late or with no experience, or is actually a fake moving company that will take advantage of unknowing families that have actually hired crooks.

A professional moving company will ensure they can move all of your belongings, will protect your house from damage in the process, and will bring the right equipment for the job.

Not packing properly or labeling boxes

The next mistake to avoid is improper packing and not labeled well. Did you pack a large box with your whole library of books that will hurt someone’s back? Did you try to pack breakables with other items carelessly into a box that will bang around in the moving truck and shatter? Did you get old boxes that are in poor shape and try to pack lampshades and dinner plates that need more support?

It’s important to pack properly with heavy items in small boxes for a manageable transport, sturdy boxes for your malleable items, and everything packed into good quality boxes that aren’t about to cave in. Then, labeling items with the contents and the room they belong in, rather than just the word “fragile,” will ensure that you can find the things you need when you arrive at the new house. You don’t want to arrive at the destination and not know where to find the first aid kit, the dog food, or bath towels.  

Trying to move your heavy furniture yourself

Hiring a professional moving company will help you to avoid beating up the house you just sold or the house you just bought when moving furniture and other bulky items. Those heavy couches and furniture pieces can easily bang up walls and corners, but your moving company will have the proper supplies to make sure everything is well protected from the floors to the walls and the staircases.

Not getting the insurance you need

Lastly, don’t forget to look closely at that moving insurance policy. You may avoid buying it altogether or try to get a cheap coverage plan but then you are in a rut when you need to make a claim on a piece of artwork or family antiques. It’s important to cover those fragile items that are worth a significant amount of money and worry less about furniture from a department store that you put together yourself. Put your insurance focus on your high-dollar or sentimental items.

Avoid these common moving disasters by planning ahead, getting proper moving insurance, and taking plenty of time to pack and inventory your items for a successful moving day experience.

Moving day is stressful as evident by this woman with her hands on her head in between boxes
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