3 Ways to Take Care of Your Movers

Professional movers will take care of you by moving your things from one place to another. While they are working, there are some ways you can take care of them and some things you should know for moving day. Here's a look at three ways you can take care of your movers and a few things they wish you knew.

Offer a Beverage

Movers work hard and they appreciate it when you offer a sports drink, water or soda. If it's a hot day and it's going to be a long one for them, make sure to stock up on water or sports drinks to help keep your movers hydrated. However, it's not a good idea to ever offer any type of alcoholic beverage to movers. Most companies frown upon this.

Stay out of Their Way

It's okay to help with some things, but for the most part, you want to stay out of the way of your movers. This will take care of them in the best way possible by providing safety. If you get in the way, it could cause issues, which may prevent the movers from being able to do their job safely.

When you hire full time movers, you should let them do their job. They are trained professionals and know how to take care of your things.

Tip Them

Be prepared to tip your movers. This is probably the best way you can take care of them and the best way to thank them. You can find plenty of information on how much to tip your movers ahead of time. Make sure you have cash ready to go and give it to each mover individually or the foreman in front of the rest of the movers.

How to Help Your Movers

A Few Things Movers Wish You Knew

Making moving day easier on movers doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few things you can do, which they wish you knew about.

Finish Packing

Before the movers arrive, it's best to be done packing. If you're still packing, they cannot do their job as efficiently as they would like.

Use a Clear Labeling System

A labeling system makes it easy for movers to load and unload the truck. Make sure you use a clear labeling system and let the movers know the system when they arrive.

Find out Where the Movers can Park the Truck

Before movers arrive, you should know where they can park the truck. The last thing they need is to be told they have to move it in the middle of moving. In addition, you'll end up paying for extra time if they have to figure out where to park and it takes forever.

Empty Drawers, Desks and Armoires

There's nothing worse than picking up a piece of furniture and watching a full drawer fall out scattering items everywhere. It's best to empty drawers and armoires before the movers arrive.

Don't Leave your Movers

While it's important to stay out of the way, movers appreciate it when you're easy to find. If they have questions or need clarification, they shouldn't have to hunt you down.

Moving day can be less stressful and you can take better care of your movers with the tips above.

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