4 Reasons You Need to Hire Professionals for Your Next Move

Moving is tough. There’s no way around it. Moving all of your belongings from one apartment to the next is a grueling task. And if you’re envisioning a move in your near future, you might want to think about the benefits to hiring the professionals this time around.

So, why would you pay extra money to have the professionals move your stuff? Well, let’s just say you’re moving from your current Cincinnati apartment where rent prices are on the decline  to a more expensive city like Chicago. In this case, you’ll want to save money and skip the Chicago movers, right!? Wrong.

You have to account for the time you’ll spend packing, driving, unloading — potentially injuring yourself in the process — and storing your stuff in Chicago if things go wrong. Plus, you’ll likely end up paying extra fees for rental trucks, storage and the pizzas you buy for your helpful friends and family members will add up quick.

Here are the four main reasons you’ll want to hire movers for your next move:


Professional moving companies are professionals because they know how to get the job done. If they didn’t, the company would not be in business. Rather than depending on your friends and family on your move out date, book a moving company and give yourself some peace of mind. Professional movers are specifically trained for moments like your move. They learn the best techniques to keep your belongings intact and safe, unlike your Uncle John who just tosses your things into the back of a truck on his way out of the apartment. You can’t afford to break items during your move, so let the pros handle it.


Moving companies are trained to work at an extremely fast pace. This isn’t because they want to simply get done with your move and onto the next for a quick buck. The pros work at a fast pace, because they know you don’t have much time and they’re going to provide you with the best customer service and moving experience possible. Chicago movers, specifically, have a ton of experience working within the atmosphere of a busy city; this is something you cannot prepare for yourself. Most companies pride themselves on prompt and professional service, and by finding a great moving company, you can ensure a speedy move. It’s worth every penny.

Heavy Lifting

Ok, we know some of you have had dreams of becoming a professional weightlifter; or maybe you played football back in college. Times have changed. Without proper training to lift household items, heavy lifting can lead to major injuries to the back and legs — something you need to avoid at all costs. Hire the pros for this. They’ll bring a team of strong, qualified moving professionals and will handle the heavy lifting in an efficient manner. You and your friends might think saving a few bucks on moving costs might be worth it until you get your first medical bill from blowing out your back trying to lift that couch. Leave this to the experts!

man moving too many heavy boxes


Kitchenware. Glasses. Shoes. Dressers. TVs. Pots. Pans. We all have much more stuff than we actually imagine. When prepping for a move it can be daunting to take inventory on all of your materials. And packing them is even more of a pain and lengthy process.

For this, hire the experts. Moving professionals understand what size boxes they need, how to pack those boxes and how to transport them as well. The pros are trained in organizing a move efficiently and this starts with the packing and inventory process. Think about wrapping glassware, lamps and your mattress; these are extremely tough tasks for all of us. To reduce the amount of damage you cause to your items, hire the experts.

Overall, we all know that moving is a time-consuming and difficult task. And you already have a ton to worry about when planning your next move; perhaps you’re weighing the rent vs. own options for your future and how much money that might cost you. That said, there are amazing companies that help to make this process easier on all of us. From taking inventory to lifting heavy items, you don’t have to do any of that yourself. Hire the moving professionals and you will not regret it!

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